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edie_v 📖 332 days ago

i got pentiment in the steam sale. this aligns perfectly with my interests

edie_v 🎨 335 days ago

eventually i'm going to burn out on pixel art but for now i am having fun & excited & i want to join clubs & make more weird creatures

edie_v 🤔 341 days ago

i have been trying to figure out how i want to style my guestbook for 40 years

edie_v 🎮 346 days ago

it's we heart katamari time!!!

edie_v 💻 348 days ago

dreamt that i installed & started playing ts3 again, which i have meant to do for a while, but i feel like i have to uninstall ts4 first

edie_v 🍙 350 days ago

not enough ppl talking about the sublime alchemy of butter and soy sauce

edie_v 🌱 352 days ago

a lot of our neighbors have these incredible huge roses and i'm sooooo tempted to steal one (risking a curse on me and my loved ones)

edie_v 🌱 355 days ago

my gladioli are sprouting!!! maybe the dahlia bulbs as well!!!

edie_v 🌈 362 days ago

eating a whole baguette in one sitting Happy Pride

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