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edie_v 🧐 2 days ago

my heehee haha joke sims dating sim vn game where i include a startling amount of lore and serious character writing (joking) (but imagine)

edie_v 💻 2 days ago

took me 4 hours to grade just this week for just chemistry. and only like half the students have turned it in. help

edie_v 😎 6 days ago

whenever i post something i'm not 100% proud of i refuse to let myself take it down after. it's an exercise in defeating shame

edie_v 💻 11 days ago

i am the only substitute teacher working at this school and i am covering 7 high school science classes with over 130 total students

edie_v 😛 17 days ago


edie_v ☕️ 25 days ago

dark academia is when you're too busy substitute teaching and forget to register for education classes

edie_v 💻 30 days ago

happy to announce i am making parallogress (parallax progress)

edie_v 😱 34 days ago

forgot to update my css EARLY and WAIT to implement it on all the pages. now everything's BROKEN (for now) learn from my mistakes

edie_v 💻 39 days ago

school has started up again so i might not be as active on the ol' webbe site but i'll do my best

edie_v 😭 43 days ago

i miss my children's museum job but it also paid peanuts but it was so fun

edie_v ☀️ 47 days ago

we are having such an awful heatwave this week

edie_v 📖 54 days ago

i am 400+ pages into this new book but haven't had the chance to put it on the website (vacation)

edie_v 🙃 58 days ago

laptop charger broke on the first day of my trip wow

edie_v 💀 60 days ago

car owners are soooo entitled why don't you try being a pedestrian for a few months see how you like it

edie_v 😎 65 days ago

big things on the horizon. (for my website) (not that big.) (well, i'm excited, anyway)

edie_v 😱 68 days ago

why is parallax scrolling so hard to figure out! it seems like it should be simpler than this

edie_v 🤐 69 days ago

stressed and anxious! bunch of stuff piling up

edie_v 📚 76 days ago

as a kid i used to grab armfuls of goosebumps paperbacks at the library and read them obsessively until the day 1 actually scared me so bad

edie_v 🤖 78 days ago

wifi has been out since thursday night and still no update on when they'll send a technician

edie_v 🥺 80 days ago

josie's dollz went down... please say psych

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