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edie_v 💡 66 days ago

not enough people talking about this (using embroidery hoops for blocking your knit hats)

edie_v 💻 147 days ago

been doing a lot of research for embarrassing (fanfic) reasons. having fun. learning

edie_v 🙃 165 days ago

drank 3 cups of coffee which is apparently 1 too many (said while wiggling uncontrollably)

edie_v 💀 173 days ago

haunted by the time i sent a student a tumblr link by mistake. & they probably told their friends about it too

edie_v 👽 178 days ago

drank an iced coffee and started infodumping about the sims 2 again

edie_v 🌈 187 days ago

i wish to see images of nahyuta sahdmadhi

edie_v 🤔 190 days ago

if i focus i can probably get my education homework done today and have the weekend off. but that requires me to focus

edie_v 💔 191 days ago

another week night spent mourning the unmet potential for public art projects everywhere

edie_v 💀 199 days ago

i haven't prepped my bandcamp friday rec for this week yet

edie_v 🏂 206 days ago

the teacher i've been covering is coming back next week

edie_v 🥳 211 days ago

it is my birthday

edie_v 🙂 213 days ago

still pretty overwhelmed but i'm caught up with grading in 2/7 classes at least

edie_v 🙃 220 days ago

i want to throw my phone in a lake

edie_v 📰 221 days ago

i've successfully printed 1 copy of zine. our printer can't do double sided on its own so i have to do it manually which is annoying but ok

edie_v 🎨 223 days ago

i put off my zine for the zine swap way too long and i'm scrambling a little to get it done but finished is better than perfect!

edie_v 🤒 229 days ago

so immediately overwhelmed by work this monday morning

edie_v 🧐 231 days ago

my heehee haha joke sims dating sim vn game where i include a startling amount of lore and serious character writing (joking) (but imagine)

edie_v 💻 232 days ago

took me 4 hours to grade just this week for just chemistry. and only like half the students have turned it in. help

edie_v 😎 235 days ago

whenever i post something i'm not 100% proud of i refuse to let myself take it down after. it's an exercise in defeating shame

edie_v 💻 241 days ago

i am the only substitute teacher working at this school and i am covering 7 high school science classes with over 130 total students

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