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In my own little world
Di as in Diva
she her
Faerie at heart
Kiss my wings!
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dii 📖 690 days ago

re-reading Emma

dii 🌙 708 days ago

sun-faced Buddha, moon-faced Buddha

dii ✨ 713 days ago

this is a world where any sad thing can happen. I am determined to make some joy.

dii 🎶 716 days ago

Lost April, where did you go?

dii 😎 718 days ago

this hellish school year is almost over! hell yeah!

dii ✏️ 723 days ago

getting back into using Slowly. add me, my ID is RN9RZR

dii ✏️ 725 days ago

new word: schlubable

dii 😶 730 days ago


dii 🌧️ 737 days ago

"don't threaten me with love, baby. let's just go walking in the rain." ~ lady day

dii 📺 745 days ago

Zeus, the guitarr lord!!

dii 🌧️ 749 days ago

I feel like I cause trouble without meaning to

dii 🎶 756 days ago

'okay little girl, live for yourself in your own little world..'

dii ❤️ 767 days ago

there are good people in the world, and they are so worth loving.

dii ❤️ 783 days ago

to say my life has been chaotic lately would be an understatement..

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