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In my own little world
Di as in Diva
she her
Faerie at heart
Kiss my wings!
Slowly ID


dii 🥰 443 days ago

Whatever men are, I'm not

dii 🍞 454 days ago

Pretzels y'all!!!!!

dii 🌱 457 days ago

Crocus pushing from the dirt to raise its head & bloom, mirroring the joy inside of me. La dolce vita

dii 🙂 459 days ago

I don't want a college degree. I want to be Speed Racer's girlfriend.

dii 🎶 460 days ago

Maureen Maureen I'm never going to see you again

dii 🐱 469 days ago

What's new pussycat

dii 👽 474 days ago

I'm a human being, not a brand

dii 🎶 475 days ago

the great big city's a wondrous toy made for a girl and boy

dii 🥰 486 days ago

I don't want to conquer anything (except for people's hearts). I just want to cuddle adorable stuffed animals.

dii 🐶 487 days ago

Rutherford behave

dii ❤️ 490 days ago

going a lil buckwild

dii 🧐 490 days ago

I'm happy

dii 😶 493 days ago

Not all who wander are lost. But some are. And I am.

dii ❤️ 507 days ago

It is a man's world – that's why it sucks

dii 👽 532 days ago

you know you're living in a capitalist hellscape when "sweet home alabama" is a refreshing alternative to Christmas music

dii 😱 580 days ago

Oh no! Anyway –

dii 🔥 588 days ago

I've got the kavorka, Jerry

dii 📰 593 days ago


dii 🥳 597 days ago

crying the tears of a goddam clown

dii 💤 602 days ago

sitting on my watch so I can be on time

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