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dfbw ⛵ 8 days ago

you never really fully change, for better or for worse

dfbw 🐱 8 days ago

i'm not sure what i'm going for anymore but i'm not really complaining

dfbw 🌙 9 days ago

if you don't eat the tip of a baguette fresh out the boulangerie before you even get home know that it'll all be okay someday

dfbw 🍦 15 days ago

not keen on my guestbook right now but hubby likes it so it can't be that bad. if you see this consider leaving some shit there

dfbw ✈️ 16 days ago

i'm like your pistol in your hand

dfbw 🤔 27 days ago

so this is what it's like to have a laptop that doesn't hate you

dfbw ✨ 27 days ago

laptop get! buttery smooth and nice to the touch

dfbw 💻 27 days ago

new laptop on its way! a lovely T480. i'm more than ready to scrap this mclaptop

dfbw 💔 29 days ago

no more pain

dfbw 🚄 30 days ago


dfbw 🚄 35 days ago

i pray for evenings when it's clear across the land

dfbw 🤒 35 days ago

okay okay okay. i get it

dfbw 📚 37 days ago

why do my friends keep hurting me

dfbw ✨ 39 days ago

The troubles of my heart are enlarged; O bring thou me out of my distresses (Psalm 25:17)

dfbw ☀️ 41 days ago

it's really nice out but i feel like staying in to work on my site

dfbw ☀️ 42 days ago

everything feels purified when you're with someone you love

dfbw 📰 42 days ago

okay, pull me out of the midden i've burrowed myself in

dfbw 🥃 45 days ago

cleaning up my bookmarks

dfbw 🍞 49 days ago

so achy but nonetheless happy with things right now. even though i'm a little mournful too

dfbw 🌙 59 days ago

Everything is OK.

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