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dfbw ✅ 13 days ago

tired and stumbling over my words like a dumbass

dfbw 🤒 16 days ago

£50 for base game sf6. what was that monkey island quote again

dfbw 💡 19 days ago

by some miracle, i found a switch lite that was under £100 and nabbed it. fixed some faults, now waiting on a copy of NH (thank you Jay)

dfbw ✈️ 20 days ago

once again, fuck the DWP

dfbw ❄️ 24 days ago

upwards little town and a spirit medium who gives up

dfbw 🤖 25 days ago

fuck the DWP

dfbw 💔 28 days ago

Jay is leaving later on today

dfbw ✨ 34 days ago

all i can think about is Jay

dfbw ☀️ 34 days ago

Jay is coming tomorrow!

dfbw 🌧️ 35 days ago

even when my soul is stripped of everything you're a fire that effortlessly mends

dfbw 🌙 36 days ago

3 more days until i see Jay again. ever since the night we organised to meet, every day has felt gentler and dreamlike

dfbw 💤 42 days ago

legs are killing me

dfbw 🌧️ 46 days ago

hooray, life can be good

dfbw 🎱 48 days ago

got my glasses

dfbw ❤️ 49 days ago

i'm seeing my partner in 2 weeks, i'm beyond excited

dfbw 💾 50 days ago

sometimes you have to fight against the passing of the years

dfbw ☀️ 53 days ago

sat by the river listening to Joan of Arc and feeling erratic

dfbw 🎲 54 days ago

new glasses on their way, i have so little going on in my life right now that this is actually kind of exciting