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dfbw ✨ 67 days ago

The troubles of my heart are enlarged; O bring thou me out of my distresses (Psalm 25:17)

dfbw ☀️ 69 days ago

it's really nice out but i feel like staying in to work on my site

dfbw ☀️ 70 days ago

everything feels purified when you're with someone you love

dfbw 📰 70 days ago

okay, pull me out of the midden i've burrowed myself in

dfbw 🥃 73 days ago

cleaning up my bookmarks

dfbw 🍞 77 days ago

so achy but nonetheless happy with things right now. even though i'm a little mournful too

dfbw 🌙 86 days ago

Everything is OK.

dfbw 🌙 104 days ago

you know df, always making it work

dfbw ❤️ 106 days ago


dfbw 🐱 109 days ago

there really is an xkcd for fucking everything

dfbw 🤒 116 days ago

God is testing me

dfbw 🌧️ 121 days ago

craving extreme ceaseless violence

dfbw ⛵ 122 days ago

i'm okay

dfbw ☕️ 162 days ago

jay went back home, everything sucks

dfbw ❤️ 166 days ago

with jay

dfbw ❄️ 225 days ago

upwards little town

dfbw 🌧️ 236 days ago

even when my soul is stripped of everything

dfbw 🌧️ 246 days ago

hooray, life can be good

dfbw 🎱 248 days ago

got my glasses

dfbw 💾 251 days ago

sometimes you have to fight against the passing of the years

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