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devils 🐱 24 days ago

pain just lots of it

devils 🐱 28 days ago

Some people should just not be online bro

devils 🐱 31 days ago

Gonna start using again...!

devils 🥳 71 days ago


devils 🐱 73 days ago

Pretty sure I have a stalker. Cool beans!

devils 👽 76 days ago

Paranoia, paranoia...

devils 🐱 84 days ago

The gates of Hell have opened

devils 🌧️ 87 days ago

It's raining too much! I feel like a wet dog!

devils 🐱 89 days ago

I love websites!

devils 😱 96 days ago

Please watch The Rolling Giant. For me?

devils ❤️ 97 days ago

Chicago95 my beloved

devils 😎 99 days ago

c'mon gamers let's get this bread

devils 😴 104 days ago

Busy, busy, so busy...

devils 😭 116 days ago

I miss Nitrome games so much...

devils ✏️ 121 days ago

Yippee! Back in school (finally). Now I'm a lot more busy, but I'm okay with that.

devils 🧐 124 days ago

I have over 560 bookmarks and by golly, they're all worth keeping.

devils 🧐 128 days ago

Simultaneously having an inferiority complex and being smarter than most people is really hard you guys

devils 🤩 128 days ago

Going to be playing CoC this Halloween!! Hype hype hype

devils 🧐 130 days ago

Why make things responsive when your layout can be 320 pixels wide

devils ❤️ 133 days ago

He and he make we <3

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