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devils 🌈 191 days ago

I'm (finally) officially enrolled on this school! For a sec I thought I couldn't do it...

devils 🌈 194 days ago

I got an ita bag and filled it with Hazbin Hotel pins. I might be a lil' gay.

devils 🤔 196 days ago

Lowkey flabbergasted that people used Discord as an image hosting service. It's a messaging app??

devils 🤔 238 days ago

What are you supposed to feel like when you don't know what you're feeling?

devils 🤩 239 days ago

My Tamagotchi Uni arrived, I love it!!!

devils ❤️ 243 days ago

My Tamagotchi Uni is arriving soon!!

devils 🌙 244 days ago

the best time to code is late at night while high on caffeine

devils 🐱 245 days ago

meow meow meoooowwww

devils 🤖 251 days ago

let me just remake the navigation bar *redoes entire site layout*

devils ☕️ 267 days ago

Wake up in the morning and drink my coffee

devils 😡 269 days ago

I hate Webcore motherfuckers oh my GOD

devils 🌈 273 days ago

No war... just make websites...

devils 🐱 275 days ago

The urge to create another Web project...

devils 🌈 275 days ago

The need to draw gay shit forever

devils 🌧️ 279 days ago

Wish I could feel normal for 5 seconds or more

devils 💻 280 days ago

Remembering early 2010s Internet culture hours.

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