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i just talk bullshit i'm sorry


delphium 🌈 3 days ago

god knows i could talk about lady gaga for hours nonstop but they beat me with the lazy adhd to stop me from it

delphium 🙃 26 days ago

i was so happy 5 hours ago....

delphium 🤒 27 days ago

i need to watch twin peaks rn sm that it's killing me inside .....

delphium 😭 28 days ago

ok. now i'm more happy with my coding .... it's not the best but i think it looks cute... and that's what matters the most

delphium 💀 37 days ago

FUCK ME. the catbox servers got down and i'm in shambles

delphium 🌈 37 days ago

lovely star the 3rd is done! now i'm going back to real work, lol

delphium 😭 38 days ago

discovered a whole new world. cod has a whole ass fandom omg...

delphium 🎶 55 days ago

new carly rae jepsen is changing my brain chemistry rn omg

delphium 🥳 60 days ago

happy yaoi day to my fellow ex fujoshis in war!

delphium 🐶 65 days ago

i luv SM my new puppy....i Love All My Puppies....I Love ALL Puppies in The World, Actually.

delphium 🌈 72 days ago

happy birthday to soul lady by yukika!

delphium ☀️ 72 days ago

i love talking to new ppl! it's so fun!!

delphium 💡 73 days ago

idk how but stuff's becoming clearer now,,, idk

delphium 🙂 75 days ago

misamo are mother, daughter and the holy spirit of onces i'm not joking

delphium ☀️ 78 days ago

happy happy happyyy

delphium 🎶 79 days ago

happy 18 years of Queen Of Hip Hop by Namie Amuro!

delphium 💻 81 days ago

obsessed with being on my computer,,, likeeee

delphium 🤐 83 days ago

maybe fishmans music actually slaps...maybe,,

delphium 🎶 91 days ago

pc music you will be forever that girl.

delphium 🙂 93 days ago

wait now i wanna make a rayearth shrine page so bad,,,,, like i need it rn

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