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i just talk bullshit i'm sorry


delphium 😎 30 days ago

i'm making an neocities blog with a very good friend of mine! verry happy abt that lol

delphium πŸ’€ 54 days ago

too much to dooo...,,,

delphium ✏️ 64 days ago

i need to get better.

delphium 🌈 67 days ago

im thinking this is gonna be the most Homo erotic april fools day yet!

delphium 🌈 69 days ago

happy 25 years of butterfly by mariah carey!

delphium πŸ™ƒ 72 days ago

not that good of a day... anyways, i got more photocards to my collection! yay!

delphium πŸ™‚ 73 days ago

listening to a LOT of spanish language music rn..thalÍa and shakira on their alt era was EVERYTHING

delphium 😎 73 days ago

just reading fanfics and being my self destructive self as always....