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I'm just FUCK IT ALL at this point, ngl..


delphium 🙂 316 days ago

misamo are mother, daughter and the holy spirit of onces i'm not joking

delphium ☀️ 319 days ago

happy happy happyyy

delphium 🎶 320 days ago

happy 18 years of Queen Of Hip Hop by Namie Amuro!

delphium 💻 322 days ago

obsessed with being on my computer,,, likeeee

delphium 🤐 323 days ago

maybe fishmans music actually slaps...maybe,,

delphium 🎶 332 days ago

pc music you will be forever that girl.

delphium 🙂 334 days ago

wait now i wanna make a rayearth shrine page so bad,,,,, like i need it rn

delphium 🙂 336 days ago

wanna change the whole vibe of my site butt,,,, i'm tired of html and css lol

delphium 😭 342 days ago

arca and aphex twin..together,,,mother and father OH EM GEE-

delphium 🎶 343 days ago


delphium 🙂 343 days ago

got kinda talkey today,,, not liking it

delphium 😎 345 days ago

got a button done and an about me page!! working working

delphium 💻 347 days ago

feeling a little tumblrina today, just a little.

delphium 🙂 348 days ago

i think i'm back here!! but with a new vision of life !! thank my mds for that lol

delphium 😎 386 days ago

i'm making an neocities blog with a very good friend of mine! verry happy abt that lol

delphium 💤 410 days ago

too much to dooo...,,,

delphium ✏️ 420 days ago

i need to get better.

delphium 🌈 423 days ago

im thinking this is gonna be the most Homo erotic april fools day yet!

delphium 🌈 424 days ago

happy 25 years of butterfly by mariah carey!

delphium 🙃 427 days ago

not that good of a day... anyways, i got more photocards to my collection! yay!

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