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status updates from yours truly.


cybersabrin 🤩 36 days ago

i'm binging movies too fast i can't keep up on my media log... lol.....

cybersabrin 🌧️ 59 days ago

snow day!! thank you new england winters

cybersabrin 🙃 61 days ago

my poor choices are catching up to me... 3 days straight of bg3 and 0 days of homework leads to a very stressful sunday night for weenie

cybersabrin 🧐 69 days ago

they should make rhythm games but with classical music...

cybersabrin 💀 74 days ago

[mushu voice] I LIVEEEEEEEE

cybersabrin 🥳 89 days ago

happy birthday to this site!! wowwza

cybersabrin 💤 123 days ago

final week of finals week. it's looking so rough for me oh man.. truly hellish. please Pray for me internet strangers...

cybersabrin 🌈 158 days ago

my brain has been deep fried and i can't get it out!!!!

cybersabrin 💀 175 days ago

don't ask me how i'm doing i just started rewatching supernatural in 2023

cybersabrin 🙃 202 days ago

i'm still alive i swear

cybersabrin 🥰 202 days ago

i'm still alive i swear

cybersabrin 🌈 232 days ago

finally made a 88x31 button that i am actually happy with

cybersabrin 👽 236 days ago

facetiming with em talking about website stuff !!

cybersabrin 🌧️ 242 days ago

home sweet home... so many emails to respond to..

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