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just a little guy with a little homepage


cybersabrin 😴 4 days ago

oh my god i just found out websites have carbon footprints oh boy.....

cybersabrin 🙃 9 days ago

why am i so stressed out right now? there is nothing to be stressed about. residual stress is SO uncool..... #iHateMath

cybersabrin 😴 15 days ago

first day of classes DONE. now.... time 2 PLAY

cybersabrin 😛 16 days ago

just watched M3GAN. incredible movie. 10/10 one of my favorites. made me laugh so much. very camp.

cybersabrin 🥱 16 days ago

first status update ever. head hurts a little. been working on my wretched website for too long... about to go make myself some food