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just a little guy with a little homepage


cybersabrin 🌈 38 days ago

finally made a 88x31 button that i am actually happy with

cybersabrin 👽 42 days ago

facetiming with em talking about website stuff !!

cybersabrin 🌧️ 48 days ago

home sweet home... so many emails to respond to..

cybersabrin 🙃 60 days ago

just updated my jjk (mundane au) shrine :-)

cybersabrin 😴 66 days ago

i'm feeling like such a sleepy little guy right now..

cybersabrin 🐶 69 days ago

updated my blog journaling about my trip to the mountains <3

cybersabrin 🥱 77 days ago

lost my voice. sound like an old man smoker

cybersabrin 🤩 83 days ago

new media log update >:) just finished trigun maximum....

cybersabrin 🌈 85 days ago

trigun brainrot rotting the brain

cybersabrin 🤐 87 days ago

trigun stampede episode 7 - wolfwood

cybersabrin 🌈 98 days ago

word of advice: DO NOT get eaten by a shark

cybersabrin 🎶 106 days ago

i got time but it's not for you bro, don't you realize what i'm sayin'

cybersabrin 👽 116 days ago


cybersabrin 🌈 119 days ago

new website look who dis

cybersabrin 🐱 127 days ago

in the middle of COMPLETELY redesigning my site yet again... XD

cybersabrin 🥳 129 days ago

ANOTHER new blog post heheee

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