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status updates from yours truly.


cybersabrin 🌈 12 days ago

interviewing these damn vampires is ruining my life!!!

cybersabrin 🌧️ 32 days ago

nobody speak 2 me i just finished crisis core ffvii

cybersabrin 👽 36 days ago

i did not know miku made death metal.. headbangin miku...

cybersabrin 🌈 60 days ago

haven't watched a shit movie in weeks i've been so balls deep into this ai no kusabi fixation helpppp

cybersabrin 😎 66 days ago

gary got that meow in him

cybersabrin 🤒 73 days ago

how the heck do i archive my 123guestbook entries..... i want to save them all somehow.... rip

cybersabrin 🤩 131 days ago

i'm binging movies too fast i can't keep up on my media log... lol.....

cybersabrin 🌧️ 155 days ago

snow day!! thank you new england winters

cybersabrin 🙃 157 days ago

my poor choices are catching up to me... 3 days straight of bg3 and 0 days of homework leads to a very stressful sunday night for weenie

cybersabrin 🧐 164 days ago

they should make rhythm games but with classical music...

cybersabrin 💀 169 days ago

[mushu voice] I LIVEEEEEEEE

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