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what up


cringe 🤔 74 days ago

you ever see something you had literally NO say in and still think "i am directly responsible for this"

cringe 🎬 74 days ago

i forgot how fun video editing is. too bad i have to go to work after school!

cringe 😶 75 days ago

probably no site update today, but the dentist said i have strong teeth

cringe 😯 76 days ago

at least i only work for 5 hours today

cringe 🤩 77 days ago

sometimes i wonder why i still work, considering i never spend money

cringe 😯 78 days ago

google hyped tf outta that new sign in screeen

cringe 🥱 79 days ago

things be broken but ill be alright

cringe 👀 82 days ago

life hasn't felt normal for the past few days

cringe 🥺 82 days ago


cringe 🙃 83 days ago

i love messing with my tech illiterate friends' computers

cringe 🌧️ 84 days ago

waking up to a storm is a really nice experience and i wish it happened more

cringe 🥳 85 days ago

my instagram was not hacked i was just blanking on the name of my email

cringe 😎 85 days ago

my insta was hacked

cringe 👽 85 days ago

i feel sometimes i try too hard to not have nice things

cringe 🧐 85 days ago

power went out at work the other day for for some reason thats affecting the posting of this weeks schedule?

cringe 🎮 87 days ago

home alone that means its time to play fortnite without my sister asking to play

cringe 😯 88 days ago

onedrive needs to get itself together because it's just completely gave up on syncing recently

cringe ✨ 88 days ago

40,000 hits <3

cringe 😡 89 days ago

why does archiving random things on the internet have to be so annoying

cringe ✏️ 89 days ago

finally finished writing the article i was writing, so a site update will happen once i can commit

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