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Just your average monster nerd


creaturefeature 💻 258 days ago

Currently Editing Photos for my Virtual Sticker Collection

creaturefeature ❄️ 264 days ago

The Winter Festive Season is officially over. Time to put the site back to normal.

creaturefeature ✏️ 266 days ago

I need to learn how to Bullet Journal

creaturefeature 🌧️ 273 days ago

Today is the Last day of the year. But the fireworks show got cancelled due to bad weather

creaturefeature ✨ 273 days ago

Tommorow is the last day of the year, oh god.

creaturefeature 😂 276 days ago

Just saw someone ship GILF Scrooge from Netflix with their attractive male oc. Godspeed you crazy shippers

creaturefeature 👽 279 days ago

I just found how horny people really are for the Grinch. Merry Christmas!

creaturefeature 🤩 281 days ago

Woke up today to find a Darigan Paint Brush was gifted to me. At long last my childhood dream has finally come true! Thank u kind stranger.

creaturefeature 🐱 290 days ago

I somehow got my old Neopets account back? It´s a christmas miracle!

creaturefeature 📚 295 days ago

Caught up finally to lotr, Frodo has finally arrived in Rivendell

creaturefeature 📚 304 days ago

Caugth Up the Voyage of Nautilus, and learned about new fish today.

creaturefeature 📺 307 days ago

Currently Watching Severance, its so wild.

creaturefeature 🎬 313 days ago

Have you guys ever hear about this movie called Goncharov? Heard It´s a classic

creaturefeature 🔥 315 days ago

if you´re noticing why i haven´t updated my site for a while, is cuz I´m trying to deal with the twitter fallout and backup everything

creaturefeature 🔥 322 days ago

spent 10$ on tumblr to send everyone a picture of a cute bull

creaturefeature ✨ 327 days ago

Saved a live fish that got washed up on the shore, hope it survives

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