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Just your average monster nerd


creaturefeature 📺 14 hours ago

Currently Watching Severance, its so wild.

creaturefeature 🎬 6 days ago

Have you guys ever hear about this movie called Goncharov? Heard It´s a classic

creaturefeature 🔥 8 days ago

if you´re noticing why i haven´t updated my site for a while, is cuz I´m trying to deal with the twitter fallout and backup everything

creaturefeature 🔥 15 days ago

spent 10$ on tumblr to send everyone a picture of a cute bull

creaturefeature ✨ 20 days ago

Saved a live fish that got washed up on the shore, hope it survives

creaturefeature 🍷 29 days ago

Just turned into a vampire on Elder Scrolls

creaturefeature 💀 36 days ago

My beloved old pet pleco just died. R.I.P

creaturefeature 🌧️ 38 days ago

Our Garage got flooded by all that rain

creaturefeature 📺 40 days ago

Going Feral over Interview with the vampire

creaturefeature 📰 45 days ago

took up scrapbooking, there´s nothing more relaxing than cutting out old catalogues

creaturefeature 📺 48 days ago

Lestat and Louis are in serious need of couple´s counselling

creaturefeature 📺 49 days ago

Under the weather so I started catching up on House of Dragons

creaturefeature 👀 52 days ago

what a wonderfull day to watch two birds duke it out

creaturefeature 💀 53 days ago

time to be spooky with some halloween games