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Just your average monster nerd


creaturefeature 📺 14 days ago

TThat Finale For Interview With the vampire was... Intense

creaturefeature 📺 27 days ago

House of Dragons is Back, BABY! Also the Boys

creaturefeature 👽 58 days ago

I just saw a weird flash of blueish light in the sky, is it a meteor or aliens?

creaturefeature 🙂 65 days ago

Went to a Mineral and Fossil Fair, got myself a shiny rock

creaturefeature 📺 87 days ago

Trying tprecover emontionally from Shogun´s Lastest episode

creaturefeature 🎮 96 days ago

I said goodbye to Nintendo Servers, Long Live the 3DS!

creaturefeature 👀 115 days ago

Went Bird watching, saw several European Goldfinches

creaturefeature 😡 124 days ago

Remember when I said Alex Kister was a dick in 2022? Turns out I was right. I hate it here.

creaturefeature 🙂 129 days ago

Won´t stop raining. At least I wrote about lizards

creaturefeature 📚 181 days ago

Yes, I did read the Color of Magic. It was ok, I guess

creaturefeature ✨ 193 days ago

Another New Year, time to work on my resolutions

creaturefeature 🎶 227 days ago

The Ban on Christmas music has been Lifted

creaturefeature 🎮 243 days ago

I´m addicted to Style Savy Games, Send Help!

creaturefeature 🎮 259 days ago

Playing ooblets and the Coffin of Andy and Leyley

creaturefeature ☀️ 289 days ago

Cozy Fall my ass, it feels like Summer doesn´t wanna leave

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