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Just your average monster nerd


creaturefeature 📱 3 days ago

it would´ve been cool if i could make some extra cash with my photos

creaturefeature 🔥 8 days ago

Remember, at the end of the day Lil Nas X is just another rich cis dude. He ain´t ur role model or ur friend

creaturefeature 😡 22 days ago

Day 2 and I still can´t acess my mastodon account, just what the hell is going on there?

creaturefeature 👀 24 days ago

I just saw a live Ostrich next to a McDonal´s.

creaturefeature 😎 34 days ago

Went on a trip to Spain, phone camera stopped working today of all days

creaturefeature 🤖 36 days ago

Found an abandoned doll in perfect condition on a bench, its a sparkle girl.

creaturefeature 🎮 45 days ago

Oh no, not me redirecting people to play wizard games that are not Hogwarts Legacy. Oh nooooo 😈

creaturefeature 🤩 47 days ago

I found the norse rune algiz on a rock today, cool!

creaturefeature 💔 55 days ago

This just in, spending a weekend with your family is almost impossible, I hate my life.

creaturefeature ✏️ 57 days ago

printed a bunch of Stickers, to reward myself for my acomplisments cuz Im my own teacher now.

creaturefeature 👀 61 days ago

Found a bunch of old Viking Runes on a Hike

creaturefeature 🥺 64 days ago

I lost a sticker on my phone case. Turns out it doesnt adere well to leather.

creaturefeature 💻 66 days ago

Found out about Fandomcoders, this place seems to be more my speed.

creaturefeature 🙂 67 days ago

Suck it Anti-Fujos! This Queer Supports Bl Manga and its fans.

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