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Just your average monster nerd


creaturefeature 🎮 3 days ago

I said goodbye to Nintendo Servers, Long Live the 3DS!

creaturefeature 👀 22 days ago

Went Bird watching, saw several European Goldfinches

creaturefeature 😡 31 days ago

Remember when I said Alex Kister was a dick in 2022? Turns out I was right. I hate it here.

creaturefeature 🙂 36 days ago

Won´t stop raining. At least I wrote about lizards

creaturefeature 📚 88 days ago

Yes, I did read the Color of Magic. It was ok, I guess

creaturefeature ✨ 100 days ago

Another New Year, time to work on my resolutions

creaturefeature 🎶 134 days ago

The Ban on Christmas music has been Lifted

creaturefeature 🎮 150 days ago

I´m addicted to Style Savy Games, Send Help!

creaturefeature 💻 163 days ago

Close to making that Halloween Page

creaturefeature 🎮 166 days ago

Playing ooblets and the Coffin of Andy and Leyley

creaturefeature ☀️ 196 days ago

Cozy Fall my ass, it feels like Summer doesn´t wanna leave

creaturefeature 🙂 210 days ago

Honestly Idk what´s the point of yall having a dni list if ur just gonna follow me anyway.

creaturefeature 🎮 224 days ago

Fixed my 3Ds, then hacked it. Now playing Lux Pain

creaturefeature 🥺 240 days ago

Family Member got sick, not feeling productive today.

creaturefeature 📺 257 days ago

Loki season 2 trailer is out, babyyyyy!

creaturefeature 👀 260 days ago

Yesterday it was a good day for birdwatching

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