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Just your average monster nerd


creaturefeature ✏️ 132 days ago

printed a bunch of Stickers, to reward myself for my acomplisments cuz Im my own teacher now.

creaturefeature ✏️ 133 days ago

Started on the Superman Page Draft

creaturefeature πŸ‘€ 136 days ago

Found a bunch of old Viking Runes on a Hike

creaturefeature πŸ₯Ί 138 days ago

I lost a sticker on my phone case. Turns out it doesnt adere well to leather.

creaturefeature πŸ’» 140 days ago

Found out about Fandomcoders, this place seems to be more my speed.

creaturefeature πŸ™‚ 142 days ago

Suck it Anti-Fujos! This Queer Supports Bl Manga and its fans.

creaturefeature πŸ’» 144 days ago

Currently Editing Photos for my Virtual Sticker Collection

creaturefeature ❄️ 150 days ago

The Winter Festive Season is officially over. Time to put the site back to normal.

creaturefeature ✏️ 152 days ago

I need to learn how to Bullet Journal

creaturefeature 🌧️ 158 days ago

Today is the Last day of the year. But the fireworks show got cancelled due to bad weather

creaturefeature ✨ 159 days ago

Tommorow is the last day of the year, oh god.

creaturefeature πŸ˜‚ 162 days ago

Just saw someone ship GILF Scrooge from Netflix with their attractive male oc. Godspeed you crazy shippers

creaturefeature πŸ‘½ 165 days ago

I just found how horny people really are for the Grinch. Merry Christmas!

creaturefeature 🀩 167 days ago

Woke up today to find a Darigan Paint Brush was gifted to me. At long last my childhood dream has finally come true! Thank u kind stranger.

creaturefeature 🐱 176 days ago

I somehow got my old Neopets account back? ItΒ΄s a christmas miracle!

creaturefeature πŸ“š 181 days ago

Caught up finally to lotr, Frodo has finally arrived in Rivendell

creaturefeature 🐢 184 days ago

My pet just passed away rip

creaturefeature πŸ“š 190 days ago

Caugth Up the Voyage of Nautilus, and learned about new fish today.

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