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✿ 100% LUCKY DAY


crayoncapsule ☕️ 78 days ago

John Mayer starts playing at this cafe and I’m instantly transported back to 2006.

crayoncapsule 🥺 90 days ago

Do you take thee silly guy to be your lawfully wedded silly guy in hee hee and in ha ha for as long as you both shall el oh el??

crayoncapsule ✏️ 93 days ago

Concept: limited edition swirlies.

crayoncapsule ✏️ 96 days ago

Concept: Ghostface in the style of Mother Mary iconography.

crayoncapsule 🐶 99 days ago

Just saw a dog whose hair was cut to make it look like a lion!! It was!! so cute!!

crayoncapsule 🌧️ 113 days ago

Thinking about rain boots again.

crayoncapsule 💻 114 days ago

Feeling really bored with social media/the internet lately, but also a lot more interested in my own creative ideas. Kinda neat.

crayoncapsule ❄️ 124 days ago

Y’all, I really got emotional thinking about rain boots today. Aren’t rain boots so cool…?

crayoncapsule 😴 137 days ago

I had a dream that Cher was selling gravy from a little kiosk at the mall.

crayoncapsule 🌙 137 days ago

[7:05am] The moon, a snowy white crescent, is pasted against a sky the color of forget-me-nots.

crayoncapsule 🎶 139 days ago

“Oh yeah, hey, dog, hey, what’s up?”

crayoncapsule 💀 140 days ago

“I do not mind being the dumbest person in this art history class,” I think to myself as I snap a pencil in half.

crayoncapsule 📺 141 days ago

I’m going to watch anime today.

crayoncapsule 🥺 141 days ago

I’m experiencing this strange feeling of wanting to move forward while also wanting to return to a place in the past.

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