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crayoncapsule 🐶 31 days ago

[awkwardly] Where…my dogs at…? Bark with me…if you’re…my dog…

crayoncapsule 📖 31 days ago

Not micro journaling, not maxi journaling, but a secret third thing.

crayoncapsule 🥰 31 days ago

Wow, I really hate Instagram, ha ha!!

crayoncapsule 👽 36 days ago

[7:00am] The early morning sun lit up an airplane so brightly that it looked like an alien spaceship for a sec. Buzz buzz.

crayoncapsule 🎷 52 days ago

The Hello!Project idol → queer indie darling → Forbes Japan's "Change Makers of the Year” pipeline.

crayoncapsule 🥹 52 days ago

Fangirling so hard for Ayaka Wada rn.

crayoncapsule ✏️ 53 days ago

Concept: sleeping on a sunbeam.

crayoncapsule 🎶 53 days ago

Sonically, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s new EP, minisode 3: TOMORROW, is about ten years too late.

crayoncapsule 🤔 53 days ago

Thinkin’ about dead internet theory.

crayoncapsule ☕️ 54 days ago

John Mayer starts playing at this cafe and I’m instantly transported back to 2006.

crayoncapsule 🥺 67 days ago

Do you take thee silly guy to be your lawfully wedded silly guy in hee hee and in ha ha for as long as you both shall el oh el??

crayoncapsule ✏️ 70 days ago

Concept: limited edition swirlies.

crayoncapsule ✏️ 73 days ago

Concept: Ghostface in the style of Mother Mary iconography.

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