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crayoncapsule ❤️ 34 days ago

Every day is better than the last.

crayoncapsule 👽 43 days ago

How are you liking earth so far?

crayoncapsule 🌧️ 44 days ago

Water evaporating from long, cement pavers looks like the hands of a giant rain god.

crayoncapsule ✨ 44 days ago

What’s your favorite color~? Right now I’m really into plum and lilac~!

crayoncapsule 👀 47 days ago

What if the people behind I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter came out with I Can’t Believe It’s Nut Butter.

crayoncapsule 😛 49 days ago

The Crocodile Tears™️ flavor you know and love—now with less sodium.

crayoncapsule ✨ 60 days ago

If you clap your hands just right, a bunch of sparkles will come out.

crayoncapsule ✏️ 65 days ago

Concept: cereal for breakfast, but it’s notions and office supplies.

crayoncapsule 🌱 65 days ago

Sometimes I think about how incredible nature is and I almost start to cry. I’m sorta like Mary Oliver.

crayoncapsule 😛 65 days ago

For the first time in my Millennial Life, I am leaning in HARD to the whole Pumpkin Spice Girlie thing. Gimme ALL the 🍁 tastes and smells!!

crayoncapsule 😴 65 days ago

Been dreamin’ of rats and gerbils.

crayoncapsule 😇 65 days ago

My toxic trait is that I spend way too long looking at my used pore strips. Tee hee. 👃🏻

crayoncapsule 🥹 67 days ago

Skies are clear and you can see Jupiter shining brightly beyond The Moon. It’s incredible how far into space you can see sometimes.

crayoncapsule ✨ 69 days ago

A brief drizzle mists all the trees and bushes. On CCTV, everything that’s wet sparkles like glitter.

crayoncapsule 🐶 70 days ago

Sometimes brushing my teeth feels so good that I wanna thwap my foot on the floor like a dog. Arf!! Arf!!

crayoncapsule 🤔 73 days ago

“Allison, can you explain what internet is?”

crayoncapsule 🎶 74 days ago

[7:25am] Walking home. Little raindrops collect on the lid of my coffee cup. I quietly hum “The Girl From Ipanema” to myself.

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