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Hello, I'm Key! I'm a big ol' geek with too much time on my hands who mostly just wants to make people smile.

Cringe Culture is Dead Do What You Love! Rainbows Rock!


cooperationiskey 🧋 123 days ago

protein shakes suck. how do people drink these regularly? D:

cooperationiskey 🤒 143 days ago

So uh. Don't get you covid and flu shots at the same time, especially if you're immunocompromised. Shit sucks.

cooperationiskey 🌈 152 days ago

Oops, it's been like 254 days since I last updated here. Uh...I'm working on my site again for the first time in a while! :D

cooperationiskey 💻 407 days ago

I want to do more on my site but I don't really have any ideas at the moment... I do have a plushie to add to the plushie page though!

cooperationiskey 🌈 461 days ago

Thinking about weird toys I had as a kid and feeling nostalgic. Search "Texas Instruments Voyager" or "VTech PreComputer 1000" for details.

cooperationiskey 😭 480 days ago

I want to sleep but I can't stop ticcing so violently that I'm hurting myself so I guess I'm just not sleeping tonight. Yay.

cooperationiskey 😶 512 days ago

I'm boooooored. I think I'll try to beat the next boss (the Sky Titan one) in Core Keeper tonight. o3o

cooperationiskey 🙃 517 days ago

I have a head cold. It sucks. Also I can't sleep, presumably because of said cold. Bleh.

cooperationiskey 👽 545 days ago

Still working on that Invader Zim site. Pretty proud of it! Also I have a domain for it now! :D

cooperationiskey 🎨 587 days ago

I need to work on art fight attacks but I'm so art blocked atm. D:

cooperationiskey 🤔 589 days ago

Haven't updated this in over a month. Oops. Hi, I'm alive.

cooperationiskey 👽 630 days ago

Wheeee, watching Doctor Who for the first time in years~

cooperationiskey 🤐 674 days ago

Boredy bored bored. Need to work more on my recipes page on my site but I don't really feel like it. Hrm.

cooperationiskey 🥳 685 days ago

Happy Easter to all who celebrate, and have a lovely day to the rest of you!

cooperationiskey 🍕 691 days ago

I had pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets for lunch and for dinner today. So that was fun. :D

cooperationiskey 😎 693 days ago

Hi I stayed up all night again like an idiot. Whoops.

cooperationiskey 🎨 713 days ago

My website has updates! Woo! First time in a couple months. :D

cooperationiskey 😡 717 days ago

Both heartbroken and fucking angry. And so tired.

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