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columns-and-rows 🌧️ 1 day ago

Thoughts continue to manifest. I thought they'd go away by now but instead they're stronger 😓

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 9 days ago

thoughts spiraling around my head like a whirlpool. gotta do something about this

columns-and-rows 🙃 15 days ago

sucks to be correct in my prediction that procrastination would be the enemy of my life

columns-and-rows 🤖 29 days ago

today brings a hollow feeling surrounding everything

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 33 days ago

sometimes it feels like I'm "all style, no substance" in more ways than one

columns-and-rows 🙃 48 days ago

would love to get out of this perpetual tiredness eventually

columns-and-rows 🤔 56 days ago

having a surge of motivation after feeling bleh. it's gonna be okay

columns-and-rows 😴 77 days ago

forgot how draining going to lectures were. this is gonna be a long semester

columns-and-rows 🚄 109 days ago

been trying to speed up my drawing. feeling a bit burnt out, though

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 146 days ago

they say "better late than never" and yet I keep pretending like it's not past due

columns-and-rows 📚 150 days ago

gonna hit the books this month if I want to get back on track for the fall

columns-and-rows 💻 185 days ago

maybe I should go back to archiving my stuff? still got some tapes to digitize

columns-and-rows 🤖 199 days ago

got that weird sensation like everyone is watching me. (almost like someone is trying to sell me something)

columns-and-rows 🤔 208 days ago

the struggle to post about myself online w/o sharing my life story

columns-and-rows 🥳 216 days ago

holy crap I finally published the site 😲 WOO

columns-and-rows 😎 239 days ago

finally the weather is starting to warm up. lord knows I could use more sun

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