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Just another netizen on the world wide web 🌐


columns-and-rows 💻 4 days ago

maybe I should go back to archiving my stuff? still got some tapes to digitize

columns-and-rows 🤖 18 days ago

got that weird sensation like everyone is watching me. (almost like someone is trying to sell me something)

columns-and-rows 🤔 27 days ago

the struggle to post about myself online w/o sharing my life story

columns-and-rows 🥳 35 days ago

holy crap I finally published the site 😲 WOO

columns-and-rows 😎 58 days ago

finally the weather is starting to warm up. lord knows I could use more sun

columns-and-rows 🥺 65 days ago

maybe i don't have to be afraid to make changes to my own life

columns-and-rows 🙃 72 days ago

have the urge to customize my pc's appearance without the potential of breaking something. oh microsoft...

columns-and-rows 🙃 88 days ago

feeling trapped in recovery they call it homestuck

columns-and-rows 😭 120 days ago

broke my ankle while shoveling. ice is no joke sadly

columns-and-rows 👀 139 days ago

breaking the habit and making january a productive month. it feels good knowing I have a goal in mind.

columns-and-rows ✨ 156 days ago

december feels like we're at the top of world until january comes around and knocks us down

columns-and-rows 🤔 172 days ago

ever made something only to shelve it from seeing the light of day?