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columns-and-rows 📚 24 days ago

got ui/html/art on the mind. anything i'd prefer doing than study for finals. bleh

columns-and-rows 🥰 43 days ago

better days are up ahead now that the sun is shining

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 56 days ago

good days streak broken. just miss seeing old friends... i hope they're doing alright

columns-and-rows 😭 86 days ago

i love my friends 💓 i wish I could give them the world

columns-and-rows 💔 94 days ago

how do you switch off the perfectionism in your head and live your life? i can't keep myself hidden away from everyone forever

columns-and-rows 🎱 99 days ago

seeing familiar faces in a while brings a melancholy i can't describe within the char limit

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 136 days ago

looks like some turbulence is on the way. better think quick or else risk crashing

columns-and-rows 💔 158 days ago

I'm disappointed that I didn't try harder this semester.

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 179 days ago

Thoughts continue to manifest. I thought they'd go away by now but instead they're stronger 😓

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 186 days ago

thoughts spiraling around my head like a whirlpool. gotta do something about this

columns-and-rows 🙃 192 days ago

sucks to be correct in my prediction that procrastination would be the enemy of my life

columns-and-rows 🤖 207 days ago

today brings a hollow feeling surrounding everything

columns-and-rows 🌧️ 210 days ago

sometimes it feels like I'm "all style, no substance" in more ways than one

columns-and-rows 🙃 225 days ago

would love to get out of this perpetual tiredness eventually

columns-and-rows 🤔 233 days ago

having a surge of motivation after feeling bleh. it's gonna be okay

columns-and-rows 😴 254 days ago

forgot how draining going to lectures were. this is gonna be a long semester

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