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Hello there!

  • I am a computer science student from Germany
  • My pronouns are he/him
  • I have a website:
  • I'm a huge Zelda and Star Wars fan
  • I love writing, video games, movies, theatre, and basically everything related to storytelling
Currently, I'm working on my first (real) novel and my website while trying to balance the start of my studies.


code-cafe 💾 20 days ago

finally uploaded my new changes to my site

code-cafe 🙂 26 days ago

I've been super busy, but with my last exam this Thursday, I'll finally have more time for my blog and some bigger changes I wanted to make

code-cafe 🔥 42 days ago

Finally Signal usernames !!

code-cafe 🥳 42 days ago

i finally got a blåhaj!

code-cafe 💾 44 days ago

Couldn’t recover my Laptop password. I now deleted the Mac and reinstall everything since the las backup 🥲 *sad bagpipe noises 🫡*

code-cafe 💀 45 days ago

I forgot my laptops password and I'm about to have my wisdom teeth pulled

code-cafe 🙂 47 days ago

trying to imporve security *and* privacy on my computers is quite arduous

code-cafe 💻 48 days ago

trying to work on my blog a bit

code-cafe 💀 57 days ago

well, wrote my second exam for uni today. That was an awful experience

code-cafe 💀 58 days ago

Writing an exam today

code-cafe ❤️ 59 days ago

Tip: get some extra slice of Cake or Garlic Bread. 
Cupid's got nothing on you! 🍰

code-cafe 🐱 81 days ago

I hate allergy | I already would have been a crazy cat lady as a 12-year-old boy

code-cafe 🥳 82 days ago

got the new script for theatre 🎭

code-cafe 🔥 83 days ago

At a demonstration against racism and fascism

code-cafe 🥺 84 days ago

first james gunn makes me cry because of a tree + racoon, now i rotate AVL trees. what have i done to trees to deserve this?

code-cafe 📚 101 days ago

working on a presentation

code-cafe 🎮 105 days ago

Just finished “Missed Messages” - awesome game! Now finally started “Undertale”

code-cafe 📖 107 days ago

got new space for books! now i can get new ones | not that i would read them any time soon...

code-cafe 🔥 112 days ago

finally finished my new blog post!!

code-cafe 😭 114 days ago

Less than a week until christmas!?! December was one long week

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