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clouded πŸ”₯ 104 days ago

"hagan que el mundo se encienda"

clouded 😭 106 days ago

tfw when you chop down your essay to fit the word count and it loses all flavor

clouded ⛳️ 108 days ago

it's about to be some wild days :S lowkey scared (the good kind)

clouded 😭 109 days ago

i am completely terrified of writing a bunch of essays this is a new low for me.

clouded 🌱 110 days ago

cleaning cleaning cleaning before the new year

clouded πŸ’€ 112 days ago

trying to get back into genshin and i can't even finish 1 (one) domain without having to reset because of my wifi being absolute dogshit

clouded πŸ₯° 112 days ago

today's a good day :) feeling good

clouded πŸ™‚ 113 days ago

today's the day yeah yeah

clouded πŸ₯± 115 days ago

drained battery, but i'm not sleepy

clouded 🎢 115 days ago

now listening to: serΓΊ girΓ‘n - peperina

clouded πŸ₯³ 116 days ago

almost there

clouded 😭 119 days ago

nobody talk to me CHUU πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”

clouded πŸ’€ 120 days ago

vamo vamo que es el ultimo tramo ya se termina ya voy a poder sentarme a hacer mis cositas

clouded πŸ₯° 124 days ago

it was a good day

clouded 😴 125 days ago

maΓ±ana tengo que hacer muchas cosas pero. la inauguracion del mundial ante todo

clouded πŸ˜› 126 days ago

viernes del bien

clouded πŸ₯± 128 days ago

slooooow day

clouded πŸ’€ 129 days ago

fuck ass martes

clouded 😴 130 days ago

a mimir que maΓ±ana se viene un dia heavy

clouded πŸ™‚ 132 days ago

se empieza a sentir el verano πŸ“β›±οΈπŸŒ»

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