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clouded 🥰 17 days ago

eating good food and talking nonstop with my loved ones ahh this is what life is all about

clouded 📖 18 days ago

ever since i got a daily diary i barely update my status whoops

clouded 🎨 24 days ago

lovehate when i open photoshop with sth in mind and the end result is completely different like what happened to the original plot

clouded 🥰 25 days ago

it's so cool how the frontpage used to have like half a dozen people at most posting per day and now it's full of people here :)

clouded 🤩 26 days ago

so much to do so many places to go to

clouded 🍾 38 days ago

happy new year 💫 glimpses dec '22 is in the works, but i'm not in a hurry to get it done this week hehe enjoy the holidays everyone!!!

clouded 🥱 40 days ago

feelin a lil awkward. wanna be left alone and Do My Thing today

clouded ✏️ 41 days ago

me enganche con jugar al sudoku Y EN PAPEL soy un jubilado

clouded 😛 43 days ago

i've just realised i haven't updated my status in over a week but like what else is there for me to say after winning the world cup. exactly

clouded 🏆 52 days ago


clouded ⛵ 53 days ago

woot woot

clouded 🥳 56 days ago


clouded 🥱 57 days ago

technically done with [REDACTED]???? wowsie

clouded ✏️ 58 days ago

vamo vamo que solo falta el ultimo tramo y despues puedo disfrutar de todo lo lindo que se me dio estos dias 💓

clouded 🥱 59 days ago

too tired to deal with anything

clouded 🔥 60 days ago

"hagan que el mundo se encienda"

clouded 😭 62 days ago

tfw when you chop down your essay to fit the word count and it loses all flavor

clouded ⛳️ 64 days ago

it's about to be some wild days :S lowkey scared (the good kind)

clouded 😭 65 days ago

i am completely terrified of writing a bunch of essays this is a new low for me.

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