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clouded 💀 1 hour ago

overloaded (but probably just sleepy)

clouded 💻 3 days ago

haven't updated my site in a while but some tingz i've been working on bts: "el rinconcito" / monthly recaps / "the notebook" / to-do list

clouded 💀 5 days ago

a veces pienso que vivo en un sketch muy malo de esos que solo le dan risa a los seguidores de elkilombo

clouded 🥱 6 days ago

back to the usual... kinda tired but we move

clouded 💻 7 days ago

soy la persona mas impaciente del mundo DALE UBUNTU INSTALATE LOCO NO VES QUE NO TENGO TODO EL DIA

clouded 🎶 7 days ago

istg i'm never getting sick of chuu - heart attack

clouded 💻 8 days ago

i promise i'll go through my saved tabs Soon you all have very lovely sites i want to follow 😭😭

clouded 🥰 9 days ago

thinking about haseul dressed up as wirt in that one fansign

clouded 🎶 11 days ago

i think today's gonna be a red velvet kinda day

clouded 🥳 13 days ago

in my dancing queen era

clouded 💡 14 days ago

brewing some cool ideas for the site... i'm very excited can't wait to get my hands on my laptop

clouded 🥹 15 days ago

odd eye circle comeback I USED TO PRAY FOR TIMES LIKE THIS...

clouded ⛵ 23 days ago

going on vacation, see ya in august!!

clouded 😎 24 days ago

oficialmente de vacaciones hermoso momento para estar viva

clouded 💀 26 days ago

cumpliendo con el colegio pero a que costo

clouded 🤖 28 days ago

getting braces today... not particularly excited but it is what it is

clouded 💀 29 days ago

looking forward to spending the next 2 weeks just sleeping n looking at the sea. can't wait for school to end these eye bags are killing me

clouded 😭 31 days ago

BREAKING: Neocities has fallen down the stairs at the Met Gala

clouded 😴 31 days ago

it's midnight and i've just updated the site after a month of exams and tears. tonight i'm gonna sleep like a baby life's good

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