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clouded πŸ™ƒ 10 days ago

update might take a little longer hehe πŸ˜… it's been pretty much done for a while now, but life and stuff yknow

clouded πŸ™‚ 25 days ago

not dead, brb soon, look forward to it

clouded 🌱 42 days ago

saw penguins!! elephant seals!! sea lions!! guanacos!! armadillos!! so much sea and nature!! also enrolled in uni!! life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

clouded πŸ”₯ 44 days ago

sensaciΓ³n tΓ©rmica de 42Β° aaaaaa soy la persona mΓ‘s miserable del planeta

clouded 🎢 48 days ago

(as long as you don't look at the source code) this page i'm making is SLAYING

clouded πŸ’» 49 days ago

currently tackling yet another javascript project with nothing but zero knowledge and a dream why do i keep doing this to myself

clouded 🎨 49 days ago

worked on the site today and got out of my little creative block yay! made a super cute background for a music player page

clouded πŸ₯° 49 days ago

lizzo's such a queen i love her

clouded πŸ’€ 50 days ago

i had a dream i cleared out my email inbox. like that was it that was the dream. tf is wrong with my subconscious bro

clouded πŸ₯° 51 days ago

day instantly made

clouded πŸ’€ 51 days ago

lazy sunday

clouded 😎 53 days ago

pilito 1 taduba 0

clouded πŸ€” 54 days ago

tfw when your uni changes your course of studies right when you're about to enroll ?!?!?!!? i'm so confused

clouded πŸ™ƒ 55 days ago

me estafaron con la lluvia

clouded 🀩 56 days ago

***** is coming together so nicely can't wait to share it with you guys

clouded 😭 57 days ago

really wouldn't mind it at all if tlou just ended up being a bunch of dystopian romance stories like they're too good at this

clouded πŸ”₯ 58 days ago

need a cold shower so bad

clouded πŸ’» 59 days ago

okay cool it works (kinda but it's good enough for me)

clouded πŸ™‚ 59 days ago


clouded πŸ™‚ 59 days ago

damn it

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