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Hey I'm Toby or Kris! Just a comic artist and cartoonist who loves worldbuilding, space, and aliens haha


cinnamuff šŸŽ® 23 days ago

npcs in no man's sky are trying to pick fights with me!! leave me alone i'm trying to explore!!

cinnamuff ā˜€ļø 56 days ago

been replaying kirby triple deluxe for the first time in ~10 years. i forgot how much fun it was!

cinnamuff ā˜€ļø 77 days ago

Spring is almost here and I'm ready!!!!!! bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

cinnamuff šŸŒ§ļø 82 days ago

it's raining! it's storming! we love to see it!!!!

cinnamuff šŸŒ± 107 days ago

Learning how to grow various fruits >:) hehehehe

cinnamuff šŸŒ§ļø 115 days ago

stepped out into the rain for a few minutes and that was enough to heal me

cinnamuff ā˜€ļø 133 days ago

Sable is very fun to play and relaxing :)

cinnamuff šŸ‘€ 139 days ago

Picked up a game called Sable yesterday...excited to see what's going on in this one!

cinnamuff šŸ˜± 177 days ago

i finished solar ash...what am amazing game!!

cinnamuff āœØ 181 days ago

suddenly hit with inspiration and now i'm motivated to redo the design of the cinnaverse subsite haha

cinnamuff āœØ 188 days ago

i'm so so SO SO happy i picked up solar ash when i did! i love this game sooooo much!!

cinnamuff šŸŒ™ 195 days ago

solar ash......... 0|<

cinnamuff ā˜€ļø 203 days ago

chatting with friends on discord during an afternoon is so nostalgic to me. reminds me of the times when i'd chat with friends on deviantart

cinnamuff šŸ™‚ 216 days ago

I have a new comet to obsess over and it's comet Nishimura

cinnamuff āœØ 229 days ago

i wanna get a telescope... i wanna See the Stars

cinnamuff šŸ’¤ 230 days ago

was about to head to bed but kirby march came up on shuffle and as a huge kirby fan, Iā€™m obligated to listen to it

cinnamuff šŸŽØ 233 days ago

Not me finishing two Star Quest pages in one day!! šŸ˜³ Leaving the pages at flats is helping me so much!!

cinnamuff šŸ’” 243 days ago

what do you mean scrimmy bingus and the crungy spingus isn't a real ds game

cinnamuff šŸ¤” 244 days ago

All of my art on my site are low quality PNGs but I'm thinking of making them all JPGs to save on space hmmm

cinnamuff āœØ 247 days ago

the perseids meteor shower is on saturday and i wanna see it soooooo badly...

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