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Hey I'm Toby or Kris! Just a comic artist and cartoonist who loves worldbuilding, space, and aliens haha


cinnamuff 🤔 289 days ago

All of my art on my site are low quality PNGs but I'm thinking of making them all JPGs to save on space hmmm

cinnamuff ✨ 292 days ago

the perseids meteor shower is on saturday and i wanna see it soooooo badly...

cinnamuff 🎨 299 days ago

me at 19: maybe it is ok to be a little unhinged about your project me at 25: i am very unhinged about my project

cinnamuff 🌈 302 days ago

figured out how i can use a single js file for my gallery's nav bar and i'm so proud of myself!! no more editing each and every page!!

cinnamuff 💻 314 days ago

got linux lite installed on my old laptop!!!! wahu!!!!!

cinnamuff 🙂 337 days ago

salmon furikake my beloved

cinnamuff ✨ 339 days ago

Changed site hosts, created subdomains for my comics, and redirected my old site to the new one! I'm so proud of myself!! :]

cinnamuff 🥳 342 days ago


cinnamuff 🤩 356 days ago

Spiderverse was SO SO GOOD... I NEED the artbook. I want to study this film so badly.

cinnamuff 👀 360 days ago

I wanna see Spiderverse...maybe next weekend. >:0

cinnamuff 🎶 367 days ago

Zero Two's theme from Kirby 64 still goes hard to this day

cinnamuff 🎮 398 days ago

i cannot tell you how much i love kirby 64. i want HAL to remake this game so badly.

cinnamuff 🎁 410 days ago

banging out the homestuck tunes

cinnamuff 📺 430 days ago

the trigun stampede finale went SO hard!! there's even gonna be a season 2 and i'm so so so so excited!!!!

cinnamuff 😭 438 days ago

i finished trigun 1998 and im crying and sobbing

cinnamuff 🤩 440 days ago

I've been watching Trigun 1998 and Stampede and it might be my favourite things right now haha

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