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chrysanthemum812 🎶 2 days ago

prelude to ecstasy by the last dinner party is so good everyone go listen to it rn

chrysanthemum812 ☀️ 21 days ago

spring break!!! lots of hw to do over it but i have over a week :3

chrysanthemum812 💡 28 days ago

holy shit i’ve actually made it to just like, less than 36 hours left until i’m not busy.

chrysanthemum812 ✨ 37 days ago

gods strongest soldier (i forgot my headphones in my car and have to get through a day without them)

chrysanthemum812 🔥 56 days ago

i am now on the process of becoming friends with marcel again!! fuck you ola you might’ve ruined it before but you can’t now 1.5 years later

chrysanthemum812 ✨ 65 days ago

i started playing adastra last night and oh my god this is gonna consume my life the next few days i just know it. it’s worse than yeehan 😭

chrysanthemum812 ✨ 76 days ago

i have become filled with possibility and determination, and being busy tomorrow will not dampen my spirit!!

chrysanthemum812 🌧️ 78 days ago

i have to end a talking stage today which will be awkward but overall better! winter blues are coming to an end

chrysanthemum812 😴 102 days ago

the outfit i’m wearing tomorrow makes me rly rly happy. too bad i have to write a college scholarship essay about fucking, calvin coolidge 😭

chrysanthemum812 ✨ 107 days ago

i had a good breakfast and i’m gonna have a good lunch, so today is pretty good

chrysanthemum812 ❄️ 128 days ago

getting more comfortable wearing cutoff shirts, but it’s december so limited opportunities to wear them

chrysanthemum812 ❤️ 162 days ago

still clean by soccer mommy is my new favorite song because it gives me werewolf feelings and i am one so, yk :3

chrysanthemum812 ❄️ 171 days ago

struggling to write an article for school newspaper while listening to bill evans with wind and rain outside. vibes lmao

chrysanthemum812 🤩 178 days ago

i now own cowboy jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, spurs, and many flannels. dream mostly succeeded!! still need a horse and that accent :3

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