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email me if you want, i’ll probably respond!


chrysanthemum812 ❤️ 21 days ago

still clean by soccer mommy is my new favorite song because it gives me werewolf feelings and i am one so, yk :3

chrysanthemum812 ❄️ 30 days ago

struggling to write an article for school newspaper while listening to bill evans with wind and rain outside. vibes lmao

chrysanthemum812 🤩 37 days ago

i now own cowboy jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, spurs, and many flannels. dream mostly succeeded!! still need a horse and that accent :3

chrysanthemum812 🎲 37 days ago

i have so much homework but i’m taking 5 minutes to sit in front of the heater cause i’m so cold and so overwhelmed and just. GOD.

chrysanthemum812 💔 38 days ago

current song is you ruined the 1975 by lizzy mcalpine

chrysanthemum812 🤐 51 days ago

who knew that starting to write the last scene left of chapter 3 will make it easier to write and come up with ideas? (sarcasm)

chrysanthemum812 ❤️ 59 days ago

saw a fox this morning, right next to the house when i went outside

chrysanthemum812 ❤️ 64 days ago

i’m wearing spurs rn you don’t understand how excited i am it’s not okay

chrysanthemum812 ✏️ 66 days ago

wrote 539 words today, not my best but similar to what I did a few days ago. finished a scene, which is good. one more to go in the chapter!

chrysanthemum812 🎱 68 days ago

oh fuck the fall mood has hit me hard today

chrysanthemum812 ✏️ 70 days ago

havent written in weeks, came back to it and wrote over 1500 words. who knew that if i write something i *like*, i actually *write*!shocking

chrysanthemum812 😶 78 days ago

goddd everything hurts rn why me god why me. we got the whole crew, scratchy throat, ms headache behind eyes, stomach ache, vague anxiety!

chrysanthemum812 ❤️ 79 days ago

i am going to buy cowboy boots >:)))

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