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website is a wip, i do not know how HTML works yet!!!

i can do this though so who's cool now!!

email me if you want, i’ll probably respond!


chrysanthemum812 😭 3 hours ago

my chest hurts and i don’t know if it’s from the wildfire smoke or from anxiety about the wildfire smoke ;-;

chrysanthemum812 🤩 1 day ago

only assignments left for the school year are final reviews and then finals :))

chrysanthemum812 💡 2 days ago

honestly in a bit of a slump over the weekend, so i’m gonna try to work on overcoming that this week

chrysanthemum812 🐶 3 days ago

furries at the pride parade in really cool suits, i wish i had said hi but i chickened out

chrysanthemum812 🙃 4 days ago

i think the deep-seated anger and rage i have within myself are because of a lack of connection in my life, just realized this, cool i guess

chrysanthemum812 🎶 6 days ago

really loving the album “from the desk of mr. lady” by le tigre, i love the sound and the lyrical content

chrysanthemum812 🙂 6 days ago

really into this album from 1999, rocky grungy sound, need to find more albums like it. makes me feel like the cool character from a movie

chrysanthemum812 💤 7 days ago

i love when the train passes by at night, how it shakes the house, it’s so comforting. i’m heading to sleep, goodnight yall!! o/

chrysanthemum812 ❄️ 8 days ago

i don’t have feelings for christie north!

chrysanthemum812 🙂 8 days ago

12 days left of school! 6 full days, 4 final days, and 2 non final half days

chrysanthemum812 🙂 9 days ago

starting tomorrow im very very busy until the end of the week! but, after that it's mostly chill till summer!!

chrysanthemum812 🎲 12 days ago

i set a fire to my soul, it burned me and it made me whole - lucy dacus, trust

chrysanthemum812 🔥 12 days ago

in a much better mood than i was last night luckily, a bit stressed by how busy i am for the next week and a bit, but fuck it we ball?

chrysanthemum812 💤 13 days ago

why is it so goddamn cold in this house wtf, gotta sleep with it somebkw

chrysanthemum812 🌙 13 days ago

last one left here, in the cold and dark :/. wish my parents cared more about my time to actually get here on time

chrysanthemum812 😴 13 days ago

i wanna go to sleep but i won’t be getting home for like another hour, and then i’ll need to shower and stuff

chrysanthemum812 🎶 13 days ago

currently obsessed with “love is like a violin” by ken dodd, specifically the version from the cruella soundtrack. it’s so gooddddd

chrysanthemum812 🌱 13 days ago

i can’t wait for it to be summer, i’ll have so much more free time. 14 more school days, 3 total weeks

chrysanthemum812 😭 14 days ago

we are doing our final max testing of the year in my lifting class and i only did 8 pullups, i did 10 last time damnit, wanted 12

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