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lucard @ neocities

i am aspho

26, it/he

trans man vampire elf


castlevania 💀 147 days ago

me when i read this book and i didnt like it but gave the second book a chance and i didnt like that so i cant give a fuck about the third

castlevania 💀 147 days ago

starting to read The Story of The Hundred Promises by Neil Cochrane. trans beauty & beast retelling

castlevania 🌙 148 days ago

happy new years to everyone on the east coast!

castlevania 💀 151 days ago

i feel like know of almost every browser-based virtual pet game in existence in 2023 and ive run out of new things to discover

castlevania 🍱 152 days ago

fresh cut cucumber / carrot / bell pepper is so good with hummus or cumin yogurt its sinful...

castlevania 💀 152 days ago

i keep thinking about how a .sexy domain on porkbun costs $2,575.16 a year

castlevania 🫖 152 days ago

do i have jasmine green tea or darjeeling with my lunch...

castlevania 💀 153 days ago

itching for another browser virtual pet game to play but im already active on 3...

castlevania 💀 153 days ago

going crazy on writing about my ocs bc idk what else to do

castlevania 💀 153 days ago

damn i just realized... in 6 months ill be 27

castlevania 💀 154 days ago

started watching FF5 pixel remaster

castlevania 💀 154 days ago

i understand how edward FF4 constantly feels because i too am 1. thin 2. effeminate 3. fragile 4. pathetic

castlevania 🌙 154 days ago

i finished watching a Final Fantasy 4 playthrough last night and i am happy i ended christmas this way

castlevania ☕️ 154 days ago

chocolate crinkle cookies were so delicious. but for them to crack properly ill need to chill the dough next time.

castlevania 💀 154 days ago

baking the chocolate crinkle cookies rn. im nervous

castlevania ❄️ 155 days ago

merry christmas. i plan to bale vegan chocolate crinkle cookies today

castlevania 💀 155 days ago

ive made a grabe mistake wanting to design unique pages for my site instead of a single iframe template FML

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