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lucard @ neocities

i am aspho

26, it/he

trans man vampire elf


castlevania 💀 103 days ago

the way my life would be easier if time spent baking also magically improved my art/coding skills at the same time

castlevania ❤️ 103 days ago

baking vegan victorian sponge cake; but i accidentally might have overmixed getting rid of the lumps...

castlevania 💀 103 days ago

i wish my family still had gatherings to celebrate lunar new years. i miss the big noisy parties and being excited to get red envelopes

castlevania 💀 103 days ago

can we go back to 2000s style cartoons

castlevania 💀 103 days ago

fairy hummingbirds that fly silently and drink your blood as you sleep

castlevania 💀 104 days ago

i cant process that im going to be 30 in 3 years

castlevania 🌈 104 days ago

transmasc people 😍 #iamgay 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈👬

castlevania 💀 104 days ago

i want to be in magical girly horseland

castlevania ❤️ 104 days ago

i had a very happy day today 🫶

castlevania 💀 104 days ago

excited for the different things i can try at the potluck

castlevania 💀 104 days ago

i mastered baking chocolate crinkle cookies

castlevania 💀 105 days ago

might try inoreader and see how much i like it

castlevania 💀 106 days ago

wow the way is to be excited about sitting at my desk is to look forward to writing something new about my ocs each day

castlevania 💀 106 days ago

the way my sister was too scared to play more than 3 minutes of Night Shift At Chungus'

castlevania 💀 106 days ago

i feel without the ability to consistently create things and being productive im "wasting" my fun time. but that is a ridiculous feeling

castlevania ☕️ 106 days ago

if i brought in oat milk cartons to store at the communal fridge and my own coffee capsules for the espresso machine i can make free lattes

castlevania 💀 106 days ago

tried drinking hot water from the pitcher here and it tasted bad. which makes me wonder: did i drink sink water?

castlevania 💀 106 days ago

remembering when i played Heavensward 4 years ago and it was february... i associate it so much with valentines day

castlevania 💀 107 days ago

i really need to read more fantasy books with trans characters coming to terms with their pain

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