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lucard @ neocities

i am aspho

26, it/he

trans man vampire elf


castlevania 💀 176 days ago

i was asked "what do teenagers like these days? did you like the same stuff" how do i explain furries and ocs to a normie

castlevania 💀 177 days ago

im not excited about patch 6.55 or dawntrail im excited about FFXI

castlevania 💀 177 days ago

friday evening is my favorite tome of the week but i didnt get to do what i liked because of exhaustion. sad

castlevania 💀 178 days ago

i need a reward for putting myself through the past 2 days

castlevania 💀 179 days ago

i want art of my headless horseman oc but i realized if hes headless then icons of him will literally only be the neck

castlevania 💀 180 days ago

trying to psych myself into liking the entirety of mid-january-> end of february for valentines to cope with this horrid weather

castlevania 💀 180 days ago

i just realized i havent done ANY of the post-Endwalker MSQ since i finished it in 2022... now i can literally watch all of it on youtube

castlevania 💀 180 days ago

my FC2 blogs are like my home away from home. when im able to code again, my neocities will be too

castlevania 💀 181 days ago

i cannot wait to see the swan lake ballet irl soon. the barbie movie will always be my favorite

castlevania 💀 181 days ago

i wish i could grow woad, madder, etc. to dye my own fabric with for quilting. but thats a lot of garden space & tools required...

castlevania 💀 181 days ago

sometimes the elf queen pretends the effeminate elf twinks are her baby birds

castlevania 💀 181 days ago

trying to learn drawing sequences of expressions & microexpressions by copying videos

castlevania 💀 182 days ago

hnsure if days where i draw sloppily/lazily/for convenience contribute to my growth in skill but sometimes you have to have those days

castlevania 💀 185 days ago

baking snickerdoodle cookies tonight

castlevania 💀 185 days ago

not sure how i will feel when the time comes for me to be constantly misgendered irl because i intentionally want to stay effeminate

castlevania 💀 186 days ago

i keep missing september/october and halloween like an idiot i so very badly wish to be an actor in a haunted house

castlevania 🍞 187 days ago

i should probably bake vegan coffee cake

castlevania 🍞 187 days ago

who wouldve thought bringing packed lunch from home every day saves so much money from buying lunch while out at work

castlevania 💀 188 days ago

i need to learnt o draw in amano yoshitaka's art style so i can draw my favorite castlevania characters in it

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