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carbis 😱 1 day ago

Forgot about meeting a friend for sunrise coffee this morning, and slept in! He was there by himself. Ugh! Sorry!

carbis 😭 2 days ago

Wish I could work on personal projects but I have to work. :( Also, I'm really stuck on this Firebase Auth stuff.

carbis 💡 9 days ago

Ready for another week. Hoping to finish my side project !

carbis 🤐 12 days ago

Podcast was fine. All talked out now.

carbis 🎤 13 days ago

Getting ready to record another episode of the podcast.

carbis 🥳 14 days ago

Figured out Firebase auth with Sveltekit! Next step: Implement Firestore.

carbis 🙂 16 days ago

I played so poorly in our Pavlov match tonight. Let the team down.

carbis 🧐 23 days ago

Coffee and Duolingo done. Now time for some work.

carbis 👽 25 days ago

Hey @gome – I love VR gaming. Would happily show you the ropes sometime, if you've just got a new Quest or whatever.

carbis 😱 25 days ago

My new life motto: Cringe but Free

carbis 😴 26 days ago

Great day today. Had a blast working on personal projects. Early night tonight, for an early start tomorrow.

carbis 💀 26 days ago

It has been so so cold this week. 7°C might not seem low, but when nobody has heating in their houses it's hard to get by.

carbis 💾 26 days ago

Good productive morning hacking away at stuff for work. Hoping I get time for personal projects later.

carbis 👽 27 days ago

Such a great game of Pavlov tonight with the APAC crew. Sapphire got an unreal sneaky clipper defuse in the last round.

carbis 😴 27 days ago

Ready for bed! Just finished watching StarTrek TOS with the kids.