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my life is not very interesting...

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bugfelii ☀️ 4 days ago

had a fun little picnic under the solar eclipse, really amazing stuff

bugfelii 👽 25 days ago

i fuckinjg LOVE bugs !!!!!!

bugfelii ☀️ 32 days ago

this campaign is going to be the death of me,, remember to tell your dm you love them

bugfelii 💤 37 days ago

been awhile since ive indulged in any of my interests,, feeling so burnt out

bugfelii 🌱 77 days ago

time to study biology again!! i miss horticulture classes

bugfelii 🌧️ 80 days ago

shitty day today, so much work to finish up, but at least i got a good grade on my exam from yesterday

bugfelii ☀️ 83 days ago

aaa!!! i just bought a bunch of new dvds!!!

bugfelii ❄️ 85 days ago

really hoping the roads freeze tonight, i don't wanna have to take a test

bugfelii 💻 102 days ago

new year! same hyperfixations!

bugfelii 🌙 109 days ago

merry christmas, feliz navidad, and happy yule everyone!

bugfelii 😭 123 days ago

finals this week !!!!

bugfelii 🐱 137 days ago

a little anxious about some work that's due,,, took the day off though :,3

bugfelii 💤 154 days ago

got some work to do but i honestly don't wanna be at home rn, wish my friends could hang out

bugfelii 💻 183 days ago

feeling very numb! hoping everything turns out okay!

bugfelii 🙂 187 days ago

Huuuuwowow,,, Stuff and work and stuff

bugfelii 🙃 189 days ago

hmm... big projects

bugfelii 🎲 190 days ago

aaah!!! i just recovered from covid, it really sucks being stuck in bed unable to work on anything!! but i'm feeling better now !

bugfelii 🙂 194 days ago

i start at a new job tomorrow, a little nervous but i'm free all day today so i'm gonna try to relax a bit

bugfelii 🌧️ 204 days ago

so so so inspired but i have to sleep soon...

bugfelii 📺 204 days ago

finally no more work left to do, back online where i belong

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