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my life is not very interesting...

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bugfelii 🙃 235 days ago

hmm... big projects

bugfelii 🎲 235 days ago

aaah!!! i just recovered from covid, it really sucks being stuck in bed unable to work on anything!! but i'm feeling better now !

bugfelii 🙂 240 days ago

i start at a new job tomorrow, a little nervous but i'm free all day today so i'm gonna try to relax a bit

bugfelii 🌧️ 250 days ago

so so so inspired but i have to sleep soon...

bugfelii 📺 250 days ago

finally no more work left to do, back online where i belong

bugfelii ⛵ 283 days ago

no pools open near me i guess ill dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water

bugfelii 🌧️ 295 days ago

miss my bf (losercore)

bugfelii ✨ 296 days ago

finally making a dent (?) in the mountain of work I have to do for this campaign

bugfelii 💤 297 days ago

i drank too much

bugfelii 🙂 297 days ago

more work on my homebrew campaign

bugfelii 💡 298 days ago

experimenting with 3d again,, software is so scary

bugfelii 🎱 298 days ago

haven't been able to draw recently, i feel so useless!!

bugfelii ✅ 298 days ago

no food in the fridge i have to go to the store soon

bugfelii 😭 299 days ago

my rpg partner logged off for the night,, i wanna keep playing but enemies are way too strong for me to go solo :,3

bugfelii 🌧️ 300 days ago

very bored, out of games to play

bugfelii 🐱 303 days ago

i have so much i wanna do!!

bugfelii 💻 306 days ago

im gonna try and get ending C for funger? i wanna unlock the dating sim !!

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