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can y'all watch them while i smoke?


bloodtypeoh 😎 2 days ago

u either a fart smella... or a smart fella

bloodtypeoh 🙃 9 days ago

temp outside dips into the negatives and the temp inside my building reaches tropical heat @_@ where is the balance

bloodtypeoh ❄️ 10 days ago

the good thing abt not driving a car and going grocery shopping in the winter is, the outside is ur fridge

bloodtypeoh 🙃 12 days ago

just had my first wipeout of the season

bloodtypeoh ☕️ 20 days ago

nothing like doing number 2 to make you realize you are nothing but an intricate tube

bloodtypeoh ❄️ 22 days ago

hot choccy and smores >:))

bloodtypeoh 😯 22 days ago

statuscafe seems to b a lil funkay rn

bloodtypeoh 🙃 24 days ago

just worked my first shift in like a month ~_~ tired

bloodtypeoh 🙄 26 days ago

when katrina is using my butt as a pillow so i have to hold in my farts @_@

bloodtypeoh 🍫 26 days ago

something about the allure of a cheap double choco gas station muffin...

bloodtypeoh 🌙 27 days ago

another all nighter for no reason ~_~

bloodtypeoh 🙃 29 days ago

i have to start looking for a second job :-(((

bloodtypeoh 🔥 31 days ago

my favorite game to play in the winter is "am i running a fever or does my building just have the heat jacked up way too high"

bloodtypeoh ✨ 33 days ago

hubert_2 is 100 days old! happy birthday hubert_2!

bloodtypeoh ❄️ 35 days ago

its...snowing even more.....

bloodtypeoh 👀 36 days ago

can yall pls click on the egg in my bio so it hatches... i wanna see what comes out!!

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