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can y'all watch them while i smoke?


bloodtypeoh ☀️ 39 days ago

picnic at the park :-)

bloodtypeoh ❤️ 42 days ago

new tortured bald man just dropped

bloodtypeoh 🍛 44 days ago

resolving to start a curry journey...

bloodtypeoh 🎶 45 days ago

still blue monday pilled

bloodtypeoh 😂 112 days ago

good news is we're not being evicted. bad news is our landlord is massively incompetent

bloodtypeoh 😂 113 days ago

just got an eviction notice and i'm out of weed

bloodtypeoh ☕️ 162 days ago

cig and coffee for bfast :9

bloodtypeoh 😶 169 days ago

do suppose if i'm gonna be doing any "goals" for 2024 top one should be avoiding homelessness

bloodtypeoh 😱 171 days ago

oh my goodness. thank you so much to whoever has been keeping my wobble Hubert_2 alive!!

bloodtypeoh ☕️ 229 days ago

pancakes tomorrow......

bloodtypeoh 🙄 232 days ago

work tomorrow... i GUESS i'll go to bed early 🙄

bloodtypeoh 🔥 236 days ago

got 10 dollars in the bank, a pimple on my butt, and sheer stubborn will to live

bloodtypeoh 🙃 237 days ago


bloodtypeoh 🙃 238 days ago

scared to check my bank account

bloodtypeoh 🍕 243 days ago

ate pizza :) crumbs in my bra :I

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