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biko 😶 116 days ago


biko 📰 150 days ago

readded rss feed for art section

biko 📺 157 days ago

uploaded some random stuff to videos page

biko ✨ 161 days ago

hovering over the links in the sitemap now shows a small description

biko 📰 162 days ago

switched webhosts

biko 🌙 163 days ago

revived bitter page and made it mobile responsive. also added some new alliances to about page

biko 🌱 164 days ago

added some resource links and removed analytics

biko 🤖 168 days ago

restructured the links of all the gallery pages

biko 🎨 176 days ago

removed art dumps and added some pixel art stuff

biko 📰 178 days ago

replaced email address with a contact form in the about page

biko 📰 181 days ago

added a pixel art gallery page and removed passwords from the sketch and study dumps

biko 🎨 186 days ago

added an art study dump section

biko ✏️ 187 days ago

dropped off some more junk at the sketch dump

biko 🥳 190 days ago

the site now has toggleable & automatic dark mode

biko 📰 190 days ago

added an updates page where you can get site update notifs (will be only posting site updates here from now on)

biko ✏️ 193 days ago

added a sketch dump

biko 🎨 198 days ago

new paintingggggggg

biko 🌱 204 days ago

finally updated the minecraft blog after like a year lol

biko ✨ 206 days ago

gave the about page a well-needed update

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