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perpetually tired, probably due to OD'ing on iced tea


biko 🍺 1 day ago

went to the night market

biko 🥳 3 days ago

the stickers have arrived yey

biko 📖 5 days ago

how is it possible to have an endnote spanning like 10+ pages

biko 😡 6 days ago

drawing in perspective makes me want to put my brain into a deep fryer

biko 💀 8 days ago

went to the driving range while running on 3 hours of sleep. ouch

biko ❄️ 11 days ago

we’re like in the middle of spring and yet i’m still freezing my butt off 🥶

biko 🌧️ 11 days ago

the recent drawing that i did really took the wind out of me for some reason

biko 🎨 15 days ago

repainted over one of my garbage paintings and made something much better

biko 😶 18 days ago

had to quarantine some of my fountain pens due to possible mold growth. great

biko ✨ 19 days ago

went to the art gallery with some peeps

biko 😂 20 days ago

i can’t tell if what i’m witnessing is an amateur girl group’s practice dance session outside of campus or what

biko 😯 24 days ago

found a centipede just swimming in the toilet bowl. you bet i flushed that thing into oblivion

biko 🎶 25 days ago

composing music is really fun... and also really difficult =_=

biko ⛵ 29 days ago

life feels a lot lighter when you stop overthinking everything

biko 😎 30 days ago

got myself a midi keyboard

biko 👀 32 days ago

saw the word “crunchmaster” on a box of crackers. sounds more like a bad name for some exercise equipment

biko 🥳 34 days ago

final exams done. now time to climb into my coffin and sleep

biko 🎶 37 days ago

noodled with my guitar and made a small ambient track

biko 😶 39 days ago

that final exam was scuffed beyond belief. ouch

biko 🌧️ 41 days ago

listening to new ambient albums while browsing old geocities archives

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