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biko 💀 40 days ago

when the prof said that the 2nd assignment being “slightly difficult” was a vast understatement, he wasn’t kidding

biko 🤔 42 days ago

i guess it’s customary for a bus driver to honk 3 times before going in reverse

biko 🤖 43 days ago

this cryptography assignment hurts

biko 😛 47 days ago

golfing in a nutshell: right direction or good distance, pick one

biko 🍞 49 days ago

you know your snack department is in a dire state when all you have left is plain crackers

biko 🔥 50 days ago

let’s see what happens.

biko 🙃 52 days ago

the snow is back, and it’s ready to break the transit system

biko 😎 54 days ago

got new glasses

biko 😭 58 days ago

another sleep paralysis attack—the hallucinations this time included a lot of spiders :(

biko 🥱 58 days ago

the painting took 3 hours more than i expected (total 19 hours) but it’s all finished. time to sleep

biko 💀 61 days ago

15 hours in and my soul is about to leave its vessel

biko 😑 63 days ago

don't you just love it when you try to search up a definition of a word and all that comes up is a movie

biko 🥺 65 days ago

i’m 4 hours into this piece and it’s going take at least 12 more hours aaagh the pain

biko 🍞 65 days ago

i nearly inhaled an entire loaf of bread i was so hungry

biko 😡 67 days ago

adults who think it’s ok to blast their phone at max volume on the bus should have their transit passes revoked. Permanently.

biko 🐶 67 days ago

scouring for resources to put on my site like some sort of web gremlin

biko 🎨 69 days ago

first painting of 2023 let's gooooo!!

biko 🍫 70 days ago

i just realized it’s friday the 13th today. spooky dooky day amirite kids

biko 👀 72 days ago

that moment when you submit code so terrible that the TA marking it gets covid

biko 🧐 73 days ago

luxury car commercials are so pretentious, lol

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