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beetleclub 🥰 4 days ago

i love youuuu wiifi !!! thanks for always being there for me <3 <3

beetleclub 🚄 6 days ago

i traveled a long way to meet some ppl from a server for the first time. was nice.

beetleclub 💻 17 days ago

I really should use my desktop more... I wanna work on my site.

beetleclub ❤️ 25 days ago

kisses wii fit trainer :)

beetleclub 🤔 39 days ago

The captain falcon plush progress is going slowww ;=;

beetleclub 💤 47 days ago

sleeps on captain falcon's lap.

beetleclub 🎨 64 days ago

working on my shiva cosplayyyyyy ahhh

beetleclub 🥰 82 days ago

it's been a year since i officially started yume/a relationship with captain falcon ;w;

beetleclub ✨ 88 days ago

i used a sewing machine for the first time in my life! im trying to make a cosplay for april!

beetleclub 👀 104 days ago

slowly, the dream of having my husband in plush form is becoming a reality...

beetleclub 🤔 115 days ago

I should probably start thinking of what to put on my main page rather than add all these tiny little details that are a few clicks away..

beetleclub 👀 133 days ago

figured out how to add videos, hehe. kinda cool

beetleclub 🤩 133 days ago

finally adding little things to my site again!

beetleclub 💀 141 days ago

i hate how fireworks is supposedly banned, but nothing is being done to those explosives all week long.. anxiety going up

beetleclub ✨ 146 days ago

Have a nice holidays everyone!!

beetleclub ✨ 157 days ago

I want to add sections to my yume pages where i'll talk about my headcanons and things that make my f/o's so special to me. Soon!!

beetleclub 😴 160 days ago

winter time makes it hard to get to stuff. I want to draw and work on my site but!! (zzz)

beetleclub ✨ 167 days ago

new fortnite seasonnnn!

beetleclub 🙃 178 days ago

i'm bored of my vtube design already... mascots have never been my strong suit and i want to change the theme of my pageee.

beetleclub 😎 178 days ago

comic con was a lot of fun! cosplaying the wii fit trainer was a success :)

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