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basil 🌙 4 days ago

became a crack addict (ff14 player)

basil 🌙 10 days ago

weh !? i think we're so back... (for now)

basil 🌙 12 days ago

working on huge revamps just very demotivated...

basil 🌙 55 days ago

beat p3r i need 5 years to ponder this

basil 🌙 62 days ago

p3r ost could save me from depression

basil 🌙 65 days ago

watching prezoh climbing game internet please stop disconnecting 🙏

basil 🌙 65 days ago

akihiko sanada my best friend ever

basil ❄️ 83 days ago

spent so long trying to fix a background issue... watever its done happy 6am

basil ❄️ 88 days ago

🎊 about officially done + home revamp

basil ❄️ 98 days ago

custom domain set up! still a wip though..

basil ❄️ 98 days ago

entire site revamp .. again >_<

basil 🌧️ 108 days ago

feeling a lot better so finally back to work

basil 💡 122 days ago

finding joy in the small things (ate a really good sandwich)

basil 💤 127 days ago

fell back asleep.. 2days another day.

basil 💤 127 days ago

finished 3 pages & rethemed my status cafe... gonnamake some awesome breakfast now ^O^

basil 💡 127 days ago

running off 2 energy drinks and a motivation burst...

basil 💤 128 days ago

working on site again + watching aksually jackbox 🐱💻

basil ☀️ 129 days ago

redoing site ... lets see if i stick with it this time x__x !!

basil 💤 174 days ago

site rework incoming.. finally...

basil ☀️ 227 days ago

been p ranking every ultrakill level.. i need a job

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