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basil 🌈 205 days ago

working on site again maybe im just obsessed with constantly changing it

basil 🌈 207 days ago

relistening 2 in rainbows by radiohead

basil 🌧️ 207 days ago

brain melted. dont know how to feel

basil 💾 208 days ago

site updated && talked 2 bf again.. life is good ^__^

basil 😶 208 days ago

listened to need 2 by pinegrove.. i have got to explode

basil 😴 209 days ago

last few days have been so draining.. hope it gets back 2 normal soon

basil ☀️ 213 days ago

watching iasip.. life emoji

basil 💻 214 days ago


basil 🎶 216 days ago

I Love Scrobbling Music!!!!!!!!!!!

basil ☀️ 216 days ago

updated site n watching prezoh eyes closed emoji

basil 🌙 233 days ago

on my giufdhgjsklda,mwd type of vibe right now

basil 🔥 233 days ago

recovered from sore throat eating the best french fries ever

basil 💤 238 days ago

site updated and life is okay ^_^

basil 🌙 240 days ago

schoooll tmr.. curling up and hiding away... (x__x)

basil ☀️ 241 days ago

so tired lately... still hypfxed on its always sunny

basil ☀️ 247 days ago

hyperfixating on its always sunny in philadelphia... site update soon?

basil ✈️ 250 days ago

feel like majoras mask three days left.. school soon.. spending this weekend like its the last

basil 🔥 250 days ago

awake ^___^ dling overwatch update.. excited for new lorde music

basil ☀️ 251 days ago

binging its always sunny

basil ❤️ 252 days ago

full of love for the world and my bf

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