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If you recognise this layout, we're already friends.


atking ♟ 15 hours ago

Idea: Chess MMO.

atking 🔎 6 days ago

Nevermind my PC was just set to 125% zoom for some reason, fashion crisis averted

atking 🔎 7 days ago

Just found out my PC has been zooming everything in too much. Now I gotta browse all my websites on 80% to get those pixels EXACT.

atking 🤔 12 days ago

Instead of relying on geeks and feds, why doesn't Tor make users run their own nodes before entering? I think i2p does something like this..

atking 🧐 13 days ago

wonder if anyone else notices that the homepage just shows E.v.e.r.y user's most recent post

atking 🌙 15 days ago


atking 💻 16 days ago

Genders are like OSs. There are more than two. Non-binary is Ubuntu.

atking 😶 17 days ago

Okay so some new ONE eps came out and I had no idea about it

atking 🥱 19 days ago

Too much buzz about analog horror... where is all the good DIGITAL horror at?

atking 🤔 21 days ago

Mr Beast is a real life mary sue.

atking ✨ 22 days ago

With freedom, there is a certain risk of abuse. Like the psychopaths who use bright-pink-on-purple text on all their pages.

atking ✈️ 24 days ago

Back from a week-long hiatus. Feeling groggy.

atking 🎹 33 days ago

I once played the piano a really long time ago. Been wanting to try my hand at the keyboard again, if I get the time. Could learn chords.

atking 🙂 34 days ago

It feels good getting a little break from the constant stream of shitty report writing I've been having to do for the past 6 weeks.

atking ✏️ 36 days ago

writing at least a few more reviews before they go public. can't have a subpage with only 1 or 2!