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atking 👽 263 days ago

Do catboys in Spain say "ña" or

atking 👽 265 days ago

New hobby: downloading random desktop wallpapers off google images and posting them to twitter calling them "realistic AI art".

atking 👽 267 days ago

my hobby: hanging up all those "man cave" signs on entrances to actual caves

atking 👽 271 days ago

Eating kitkats horizontally is nonconformity and anti-authority

atking 👽 274 days ago

Just heard someone pronounce quesadilla as "queasy-dilla"

atking 👽 275 days ago

Ascended webdev is using <table> and flexbox simultaneously to harness the powers of both light and dark

atking 👽 276 days ago

Reclaims are just headcanons but vaguely illegal

atking 👽 278 days ago

Static regulation of non-static variables causes malcontents.

atking 👽 284 days ago

They call me "free spirit", I'm actually "dead human at no charge"

atking 👽 285 days ago

Feeling like crap today, can't get anything done. Oh well, back to binging YouTube ARG deepdives I go

atking 👽 288 days ago

fml, my phone just fell and cracked UNDER the screen protector

atking 👽 298 days ago

the more kawaii their profile pic, the leeter they are

atking 👽 301 days ago

I am untouchable (don't touch me)

atking 👽 303 days ago

So what if "cringe culture Is dead" you're still not allowed to dip your balls in the soda dispenser

atking ♟ 304 days ago

Idea: Chess MMO.

atking 🔎 310 days ago

Nevermind my PC was just set to 125% zoom for some reason, fashion crisis averted

atking 🔎 311 days ago

Just found out my PC has been zooming everything in too much. Now I gotta browse all my websites on 80% to get those pixels EXACT.

atking 🤔 316 days ago

Instead of relying on geeks and feds, why doesn't Tor make users run their own nodes before entering? I think i2p does something like this..

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