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applesauce 🙂 5 days ago

I'm doing a dopamine detox for a week, goodbye internet !

applesauce 💔 8 days ago

been really depressed the last week or so, don't expect any projects

applesauce 😡 17 days ago

headache after kana practice

applesauce 🥰 18 days ago

going full tism mode tonight and making a daily schedule

applesauce 🙂 18 days ago

what do i do im just waiting for an inexplicable death

applesauce 🙂 20 days ago

well i completed my website but now i am so bored out of my mind....

applesauce 🌈 20 days ago


applesauce 💤 20 days ago

site is a bit broken rn but i gtg ill be back to fix soon ^^

applesauce ✨ 20 days ago

i think im done w v3 of my site?!?! updating now lets see how this goes???

applesauce 🙂 20 days ago

my anime reviews section is giving me so many problems!!!

applesauce 🤩 21 days ago

>get super paranoid >bf gets home, still super duper paranoid on verge of tears >read doujinshi, feel better the cure for my schizo found

applesauce 😭 22 days ago

ive been stuck in a rut w my website and idk how to get out

applesauce 🥗 24 days ago

Bitten by the Stardew Valley bug...

applesauce 🌙 26 days ago

ok im goin nighty night

applesauce 🌈 27 days ago

my horoscope is good today! gonna get some chores done and then hopefully work on the web goodies part of my site more!

applesauce 😇 27 days ago

Phone all nice and set up.... time to smoke a bowl

applesauce 😱 27 days ago

my new phone just came in fucking finally its been a month

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