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applesauce 🌈 91 days ago

Making friends online!! Yippee

applesauce ☀️ 92 days ago

Lazy but been working hard lately so its ok

applesauce 🙂 93 days ago

Finally finished downloading all of my music from everywhere yay

applesauce 😭 94 days ago

very apprehensive about doing presents this year but want to!!! argh

applesauce ❄️ 95 days ago

hashire sori yo, kaze no you ni, tsukimihara wo....

applesauce 🌧️ 96 days ago

feeling overwhelmed & guilty

applesauce 🎁 97 days ago

Happy birthday Miki Hoshii! So glad so many people celebrate!

applesauce 🍞 98 days ago

Finally mastered making biscuits! And just in time too!

applesauce 🌈 99 days ago

Tired? Sad? Denpa's radio waves make that all go away~!

applesauce 💤 101 days ago

so eepy... no idea what to do just wanna keep eeping... but cant...

applesauce 🌈 104 days ago

i finally figured it out. after much deliberation my gender is whatever Bugs Bunny is doing

applesauce 🎤 105 days ago

My IPod just came in!!!

applesauce ✨ 106 days ago

update finally done!!

applesauce 🙂 106 days ago

i keep getting so close to being done w this update then boom new idea need to do more

applesauce 💔 107 days ago

why did i just find out about the ending desktop txt files for each ending in Class of 09? scared myself shitless

applesauce 💀 108 days ago

trying to experiment with drawing again and learned some things that make them a lot better. but do i enjoy it? no.

applesauce 🥳 109 days ago

i finally learned how to do eyeliner!!! 6 years of work on and off finally paid off

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