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anno 🌱 4 days ago

Allergies are GETTING ME

anno πŸ€” 7 days ago

does anyone know what happened to bikobatanari? Their site has been down for a while and I don't see them anywhere else :(

anno 🎬 11 days ago

Just watched Problemista and I am perhaps a little obsessed!

anno πŸ‘€ 12 days ago

I need to re-add a blog/writing section to my site!! I have things I want to talk about...

anno πŸ’€ 17 days ago

at a professional conference for the first time!! Scary!!

anno πŸ₯³ 21 days ago

People at work said I am always dressing fashionably and it kind of made my day!

anno 😭 32 days ago

kinda want to do a whole site make over but I probably shouldn't lol

anno 🎨 34 days ago

I've been using so much purple in my art this year!!

anno 🎨 39 days ago

mmmmmm art...

anno πŸ™‚ 42 days ago

Getting through the Dungeon Meshi manga and I am loving it!! so excited to see this adapted to the show :D

anno 🍿 46 days ago

Movie night!!

anno 🌧️ 55 days ago

Having a pretty rough day sadly :(

anno 😭 60 days ago

Thinking of getting rid of the garden section of my site... its a nice thought but I never feeling doing more with it!

anno πŸ™‚ 62 days ago

I am really liking Dungeon Meshi so far!! Maybe I should read the Manga….

anno πŸ‘€ 79 days ago

Got a job kinda!!

anno ✨ 87 days ago

i am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anno 🀩 91 days ago

Maybe I should add a Drag Queen section to my Favorites page...

anno 😑 114 days ago

Being unemployed SUCKS

anno πŸ“Ί 116 days ago

Finished Desperate Housewives today!! what a crazy show...

anno πŸ‘½ 121 days ago

I think I am gonna make a Cosmic Horror shrine on my site hehehe

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