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anno 😑 159 days ago

Being unemployed SUCKS

anno πŸ“Ί 162 days ago

Finished Desperate Housewives today!! what a crazy show...

anno πŸ‘½ 167 days ago

I think I am gonna make a Cosmic Horror shrine on my site hehehe

anno πŸ™‚ 170 days ago

To anyone reading this: dont be afraid of communication and honesty! they are magical things!!

anno πŸ₯³ 175 days ago

Last day of college (for now) is today!!! YAY!!!!!

anno 🌱 177 days ago

Trying to figure out a good way to make a proper digital garden! Looking for something that I can make but also wouldn't be hard to update!!

anno 😑 180 days ago

I HATE class presentations!!!

anno πŸ˜› 183 days ago

SO close to graduating!!! Then I can start working on my site again hehehe

anno 🌧️ 185 days ago

rainy day :)))

anno 😭 193 days ago

Didnt get a job I wanted :(

anno πŸ€’ 207 days ago

Get this sickness OUTTA ME

anno πŸ™‚ 209 days ago

I’m finally gonna have time to write and draw more soon!! Very exciting! The looming spectre of the job search might disrupt that though >:(

anno 😭 264 days ago

Im gonna be so busy with school and work this semester, so I probably wont update myself very much until I graduate in December!

anno 😱 278 days ago

I can’t believe I forgot to put Infinity Train in my favorites page

anno 😭 278 days ago

class readings are already kicking my ass

anno ✨ 281 days ago

Finished Good Omens 2 and I fuckin loved it

anno πŸ’€ 285 days ago

so tired and so busy

anno 🀩 286 days ago

the Scott Pilgrim TV show is absolutely going to change my art style lmao

anno 🀐 287 days ago

There is a possibility I could get paid to do my dream job for a semester but I dont want to get my hopes up fdnsfcbdsjl

anno 😑 290 days ago

I want to draw more but I get so in my head about it, its frustrating!

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