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animecat 💔 19 days ago

bought a stack of 50 Verbatim CD-Rs and every single one of the discs is faulty

animecat 🎶 28 days ago

why did my work radio station include Hot n Cold by Katy Perry as part of their "oldies" block. Wtfthe fuck. should i start digging my grave

animecat 🎮 31 days ago

played breath of the wild for 4hrs straight -w- my eyes are soooooore

animecat ✨ 31 days ago

look at mah layout :3c

animecat 🎬 36 days ago

MLP is literally just american shonen

animecat ❤️ 36 days ago

finally got a titty mousepad. my wrist is floating on a cloud rn wtf