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animecat 😱 20 hours ago

every time i move my arm at all my shoulder goes *7000 Explosion Emojis*

animecat 🍏 1 day ago

made the Onion Pie from Townsends: 10/10, it's dessert and dinner at the same time, i dont even notice the egg

animecat 💡 3 days ago

okay im starting to understand media query breakpoints for real this time

animecat 💔 3 days ago

there's a certain type of wordpress theme from the late 00s that is completely broken now and only shows a blank "lander" page :(

animecat 😱 3 days ago


animecat 😛 3 days ago

going on a gifcities dive while i put the finishing touches on my layout :D :D

animecat 🏆 3 days ago

this trophy goes to user pearl999 for The Coolest Layout I've Seen On Here So Far

animecat 💡 3 days ago

i figured out how to edit my profile layout offline and now i will be unstoppable!!! mwahahahahaaaaa >:3c

animecat 👀 3 days ago

you only get ONE SHOT do NOT miss your chance to blow

animecat 😶 5 days ago

ive been using Notepad for YEARS and only TODAY figured out i can turn on word-wrap so it resizes the text w window size. FACEPALM

animecat 🥳 5 days ago

in my attempts to make a contained layout, i accidentally flipped everything around? and my header won't resize w everything else? Help

animecat 🌈 5 days ago

my favorite birds:

animecat 🎷 6 days ago

used to be obsessed with but these days it has no idea i'm listening to random compilation cds i found at the op shop

animecat 🤔 6 days ago

i should rly set up an email just for this site so i can feel comfortable giving it out and also TALK TO PPL

animecat 💻 6 days ago

how many statuses do i have to post before i see pagination ???!!! *hoping this is the one that does it*

animecat 🥰 6 days ago

phoenix wright's "badge revoked" design is literally Dirtbag Line Cook with honest eyes that were made to melt my heart. Me specifically.

animecat 🎶 7 days ago

call me a psycho schizo freak, and i'll call you by your name ^_^♡

animecat 😎 8 days ago

hmm i think my layout here is done until i post enough statuses that i unlock Pagination

animecat 🐱 8 days ago

group meowing starts in five minutes

animecat 🥳 10 days ago

finally i found it,,, the androgynous neutral-toned versatile yet warm jacket of my dreams... AND it has secret pockets :3c

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