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Welcome, welcome!

My site may imbue in you a sense of... old stuff. That's good! I certainly enjoy that! You may also find I use too many exclamation points!!!


alongcomes 😡 19 days ago


alongcomes 💤 40 days ago

gonna be taking down my guestbook just cos. i heard 123 is shutting down but idk if thats true

alongcomes 😴 103 days ago

how does one make online friends help me help me !!!

alongcomes 😱 111 days ago

i think i'm just gonna keep like a bunch of html files in some folder on my laptop and do that.

alongcomes 🙂 111 days ago

i kept a discord "diary" a while back w random thoughts and brainstorms but obviosuly thats not secure .been tryig to find an alternative !!

alongcomes 🌙 119 days ago

gonna do a writeup on that one gay cowboy article i said i was gonna talk abt a while back when it came out </3. might link it from spacehey

alongcomes 😴 143 days ago

i love my status page live laugh love . need to add stuff 2 my site but dunno what !!!

alongcomes 🥳 158 days ago

IM BACK GUYS HOORAH! ok not really to do anything but . wahaveter

alongcomes 😴 158 days ago

bad html i love you. guys let yourself stink at stuff . just like it anyways. its so easy.

alongcomes 😛 203 days ago

new hbomberguy vid hwo are we feeling friends

alongcomes 👽 206 days ago

"you feel no pain / and you're younger than you realize" is so . real . sobbing

alongcomes ✈️ 230 days ago

i dont wanna say goodnite SO SAY GOOD MORNING!

alongcomes 🌧️ 234 days ago

my venture bros shirt came!! i got the hank one. really loved the jefferson twilight one too

alongcomes 💡 238 days ago

idek like imagine goncharov w the desperation of that final scene of mikey and nicky. im feral rn

alongcomes 🤐 238 days ago

do you ever feel pphysical pain bc goncharov isnt real

alongcomes 🌧️ 238 days ago

Replaying twdg,, love her,,

alongcomes 💡 247 days ago

so there was def something up w cosmo in singin in the rain right

alongcomes 😶 253 days ago

why are the emoji options hi def now what

alongcomes 🍸 255 days ago

life gets harrrdd but we go onnnn

alongcomes 💀 257 days ago

i'll think i wont have a new england accent then pronounce here hee-uh

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