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Welcome, welcome!

My site may imbue in you a sense of... old stuff. That's good! I certainly enjoy that! You may also find I use too many exclamation points!!!


alongcomes 🤐 258 days ago

finished rick and steve would recommend i think its . mwah

alongcomes 🌙 259 days ago

watched the entirety of queer duck yesterday and now am watching rick and steve idek

alongcomes ❄️ 262 days ago

now I want new years every eve!

alongcomes 🙃 262 days ago

the thing where images load in on websites is so uegh i really like it it gives my brain a pleasant kiss

alongcomes 🌈 262 days ago

Nina Simone eheeuheghgeh

alongcomes 🤒 264 days ago

wrist hurts from downloaing all those midnight cowboy pics.,, yeowch ><

alongcomes 🫖 264 days ago

guess who just downloaded 511 midnight cowboy pictures <3

alongcomes 💀 264 days ago

i think i have had. some sort of sinus infection and / or ailment. for like at least a year now. oml

alongcomes 💀 266 days ago

trying alternative methods w my disc burning it really should not be this big a issue but im babybrained idek. pray 4 me

alongcomes 💔 267 days ago

the chanting DETH/KLOK at the start of the fall like ppl do @ the concerts ... uehgheeuughghghuehg

alongcomes 🎶 267 days ago


alongcomes 💡 267 days ago

main portions of the site is done w discord i gotta change shrine stuff tho .blinkies took forever to do lol

alongcomes 💾 267 days ago

news abt the discord hotlinking stinks! condolences 2 ppl that use it. i've got a few on some of my older pgs im gonna fix rn lol

alongcomes 🥃 267 days ago

12 OZ MOUSE 12 OZ MOUSE! maybe my fav [as] intro song .like i love deththeme but </3

alongcomes 🙂 268 days ago

i hate discord so much . like pls stop trying to get me to buy nitro!!

alongcomes 😡 269 days ago

cant get my cd's to burn right and i think its cos of my drive aaa. wasted like three discs trying to troubleshoot waaaaaa

alongcomes 🤐 269 days ago

home sick today woke up in an utter fog and watched Giant .i really liked it dean looks so tiny compared to hudson

alongcomes 📰 270 days ago

you got to pick up every stitch . mmmmm must be the season of the witch!

alongcomes 🧐 270 days ago

i. do not feel good. bleh!!!

alongcomes ☀️ 271 days ago

my baby (the dethalbum) is 16 today <3

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