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Hi, I'm Alis! You can find out more about me on my Neocities.


alis 🥰 196 days ago

new dress came in the mail and it couldn't be more perfect!! <3 work is tough, but cute things make me feel better C:

alis 🤐 198 days ago

knitting is soooooo much more expensive than crochet x_x

alis 🎨 200 days ago

knitted with acrylic yarn yesterday and found it much easier than before! feeling encouraged!

alis 🎁 206 days ago

just bought my first ever lolita petticoat... 13-year-old me would be so happy for me now!

alis 🤒 219 days ago

i got sick :( i want blankets and cuddles and naps, and hot cocoa, and donuts...

alis 🥳 224 days ago

it's friday wheeeeeeeeeee

alis 👽 228 days ago

feeling kind of sad, like i feel so different. but i know for a fact there are other people who are like me. that helps <3

alis 🐱 261 days ago

i'm gonna miss these cats... i want a cattt!

alis 🥳 267 days ago

really happy about all the ASL i've learned lately <3 + got a sewing machine (hand-me-down) for christmas!

alis 💻 275 days ago

Finally fixed my computer! AAAHHHH!

alis ✨ 291 days ago

so many things I want to learn!

alis 💡 296 days ago

next project: colorwork blanket! i can't decide on a design to make, so many possibilities!

alis 🥳 300 days ago

proud of myself!

alis 🌧️ 305 days ago

so much work anxiety

alis 💻 318 days ago

[downloads Ruby while waiting for my nails to dry]

alis ❄️ 329 days ago

It's been so cold recently! Stayed in, crocheted, and ate homemade pad see ew :)

alis 🥰 348 days ago

Empanadas in the oven!

alis 😭 353 days ago

I just discovered RepLadies is dead. Literally feel like crying. YEARS of searchable, organized information... Down the drain...

alis 🤩 356 days ago

Bought some new clothes and nail supplies! So excited to do my nails

alis 🍞 359 days ago

my roommate baked a loaf of bread! yum ^_^

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