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Hi, I'm Alis! You can find out more about me on my Neocities.


alis 💡 10 days ago

i REALLY want to knit sweaters for myself based off of snakes... especially speckled rattlesnakes and california kingsnakes for now

alis 💀 13 days ago

finished my first ever tapestry crochet last night while watching nightmare before christmas <3

alis 🍞 30 days ago

gonna bake apple pie soon! and cinnamon rolls!

alis 🌧️ 89 days ago


alis ❤️ 124 days ago


alis 🍞 149 days ago

fucked up the angel food cake... gonna make strawberry shortcake tomorrow. love 2nd chances!!

alis 💔 157 days ago

waiting is hard... no word back yet from the local mutual aid org, nor the adult beginner ballet class

alis ✏️ 164 days ago

eating Korean snacks and writing a penpal letter!

alis 💀 170 days ago


alis 🎨 189 days ago

ms paint coming in clutch!!!!

alis 📚 189 days ago

Feeling inspired, hopeful

alis 🎶 189 days ago

Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar

alis 🥳 198 days ago

i finally booked a dentist appointment!!

alis 😶 204 days ago

yarn is expensive!!

alis 👀 215 days ago

I want one more penpal...

alis 🌧️ 226 days ago

chilly day today... i want cuddles and knitting and coziness

alis 😭 233 days ago

today has been a million years of suffering

alis 🙃 236 days ago

knitting is so hard... thinking of picking up a cute side crochet project to keep my spirits high while i work on this!

alis 💤 242 days ago

sooo eepy....

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