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Hi, I'm Alis! You can find out more about me on my Neocities.


alis 🐱 3 days ago

i saw a mouse in our house! it looked so tiny and round and cute and soft. but it isn't safe in our house lol it should leave

alis 😱 5 days ago

today i learned that buying yarn on amazon can be twice as expensive as buying it from joann's

alis 🤔 7 days ago

trying to decide what to crochet next! so indecisive

alis 🍞 15 days ago

We made banana bread and it's so yummy!!

alis 🔥 19 days ago

the weather has been so hot recently! squeaking during crochet due to hand sweat lol

alis 🌱 20 days ago

trying to be gentle to myself today + i'm 2/3 of the way through my "first" crochet project!

alis 💡 24 days ago

just discovered there are cutely shaped hydrocolloid patches... hearts, stars, butterflies, even hello kitty!

alis 🥳 26 days ago

I ordered crocheting materials. So excited to start crocheting again! Thanks to my friends for encouraging me <3

alis 🤩 28 days ago

we're making cinnamon rolls!

alis 💤 32 days ago

very small and sleepy

alis 🤒 33 days ago

feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning... soft fleecey cute things help me feel better <3

alis 🎬 34 days ago

Last night I watched Galaxy Quest while strawberry bread was in the oven. The strawberry bread turned out good, and Galaxy Quest was fun!