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Hi, I'm Alis! You can find out more about me on my Neocities.


alis 🎨 16 days ago

ms paint coming in clutch!!!!

alis 📚 16 days ago

Feeling inspired, hopeful

alis 🎶 16 days ago

Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar

alis 🥳 25 days ago

i finally booked a dentist appointment!!

alis 😶 31 days ago

yarn is expensive!!

alis 👀 42 days ago

I want one more penpal...

alis 🌧️ 53 days ago

chilly day today... i want cuddles and knitting and coziness

alis 😭 60 days ago

today has been a million years of suffering

alis 🙃 63 days ago

knitting is so hard... thinking of picking up a cute side crochet project to keep my spirits high while i work on this!

alis 💤 69 days ago

sooo eepy....

alis 🍞 75 days ago

knitting a sweater + making Stella Parks strawberry shortcake <3

alis 🌈 77 days ago

i love basking in the sunlight! so comfyyy

alis 🤩 81 days ago

omg our local honey is so good!! i never even knew honey could be this good!

alis 🥰 84 days ago

new dress came in the mail and it couldn't be more perfect!! <3 work is tough, but cute things make me feel better C:

alis 🤐 86 days ago

knitting is soooooo much more expensive than crochet x_x

alis 🎨 88 days ago

knitted with acrylic yarn yesterday and found it much easier than before! feeling encouraged!

alis 🎁 94 days ago

just bought my first ever lolita petticoat... 13-year-old me would be so happy for me now!

alis 🤒 107 days ago

i got sick :( i want blankets and cuddles and naps, and hot cocoa, and donuts...

alis 🥳 112 days ago

it's friday wheeeeeeeeeee

alis 👽 116 days ago

feeling kind of sad, like i feel so different. but i know for a fact there are other people who are like me. that helps <3

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