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Hi, I'm Alis! You can find out more about me on my Neocities.


alis 🍫 4 days ago

brownie cookies didn't come out right but still yummy so whatevs! :D

alis ☀️ 67 days ago

i wish i had friends in my city so i could call them up and ask if they wanna play outside but they're all far away </3 weather's amazing!

alis 🍦 73 days ago

i made homemade puff pastry (sally mckenney) -> apple tarts! served with my roommate's caramel sauce (stella parks) and vanilla ice cream <3

alis 🐱 76 days ago

idk why but i'm so happy today!!! i'll take it ^_^ happy friday!

alis 🤩 112 days ago

it's official. I want a lava lamp so badly!!!

alis ☀️ 116 days ago

the weather is so nice! i wanna go outside~

alis 🌈 122 days ago

love that my friends allow me to be myself!!

alis 💡 168 days ago

so inspired!! i need money for supplies and time for the craft. NOW PLEASE!!<3

alis ❄️ 174 days ago

it's cold and i just want warm hugs </3

alis 💡 186 days ago

i REALLY want to knit sweaters for myself based off of snakes... especially speckled rattlesnakes and california kingsnakes for now

alis 💀 189 days ago

finished my first ever tapestry crochet last night while watching nightmare before christmas <3

alis 🍞 206 days ago

gonna bake apple pie soon! and cinnamon rolls!

alis 🌧️ 265 days ago


alis ❤️ 300 days ago


alis 🍞 325 days ago

fucked up the angel food cake... gonna make strawberry shortcake tomorrow. love 2nd chances!!

alis 💔 333 days ago

waiting is hard... no word back yet from the local mutual aid org, nor the adult beginner ballet class

alis ✏️ 340 days ago

eating Korean snacks and writing a penpal letter!

alis 💀 346 days ago


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