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zoomernauts ☀️ 75 days ago

It's been sunny two days in a row now! Still freezing, but reminds me that spring is on the way. 🌷

zoomernauts ✨ 96 days ago

Struggling with motivation on everything, but one day I'll get back to the site... 💖

zoomernauts ❄️ 176 days ago

Halloween is upon us but all I can think about is Christmas... 🎄⛄

zoomernauts 🎶 212 days ago

Using the website playlist to test whether my speaker is hooked up and just want to keep listening to NSYNC.

zoomernauts 🌈 230 days ago

Browsing for plushies is the best medicine. 🧸

zoomernauts 🤩 233 days ago

Trying not to let the allure of flare jeans get to me... 👀

zoomernauts ✅ 251 days ago

Back from vacation, let the con crunch begin!

zoomernauts ✏️ 326 days ago

Every kid needs a teacher like Mr. Feeny.

zoomernauts ✏️ 336 days ago

I always tell myself I won't choose a favourite gel pen and wear it out, and yet—

zoomernauts ☀️ 350 days ago

Happiness is stored in the Neopets Dailies

zoomernauts ✨ 351 days ago

May the Fourth be with you. 🖖

zoomernauts 🧋 352 days ago

Still thinkin' about the best milk tea I ever made or drank 😌

zoomernauts 🌧️ 353 days ago

She'd spent so many years moulding me into her perfect villain that I had no choice in the end but to comply.

zoomernauts 🤔 357 days ago

Do I *actually* want to create a Cybunny, or is it just because they're limited edition?

zoomernauts 🎁 366 days ago

Buying a Barbie play set would cure me.

zoomernauts 💔 368 days ago

Goodbye summer-weather-in-spring, you will be missed. 😔

zoomernauts 🛼 373 days ago

Everything is Barbie right now and it feels like nature is healing. 😌

zoomernauts 💻 377 days ago

Keeping an e-mail from my boss of all people in my inbox because it's the kindest thing anyone's said to me all week 🙃

zoomernauts 🧋 382 days ago

Finally found a milk tea powder that tastes like I remember it from the shops. 😌

zoomernauts 🌙 383 days ago

No thoughts, head empty, only The Legendary Silver Crystal